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Tips to select Right Acrylic Solid Surfaces Products for your Home

Author: Armaan Malik
by Armaan Malik
Posted: Aug 19, 2016
solid surfaces

Solid surfaces are human-made materials used for installations of a seamless countertop. These table tops are usually produced by bauxite, acrylic, marble dust, polyester resins or epoxy. Acrylic table tops are man-made solid surfaces may be used for home products and can be used for a long time with low maintenance. It can add beauty to the home and requires very low maintenance.

Benefits of acrylic solid surfaces

Acrylic solid surface is man-made material and can be moulded to any type of configuration. This material can add beauty to the home decoration and last long with the requirement of low maintenance. This type of acrylic solid surface is required for installation of a seamless countertop. With this material and maintaining a standard quality of the solid surfaces, varieties of look of the interiors of homes and offices can be provided. This acrylic solid surface provides a translucent effect to the home and office interiors. Acrylic materials may contain some shading effects like natural colours, pebble effect and smoke effect.

Manufacturing process of solid surfaces

Solid surface is created by man and can be used in various items in interiors. These solid surfaces are composed of bauxite, marble dust, acrylic, polyester epoxy. The first solid surface was introduced under the name of Corian. In present days, for solid surfaces, there are other brands also available. Solid surface is of low maintenance non-porous material which can be used as countertops in interiors of homes and offices. In homes, it can be used as countertops in kitchens, toilets and elsewhere. Solid sheets can be folded into three-dimensional forms by solid surface fabricators to utilize for various purposes by the application of process of thermosetting. This process makes the solid surfaces more versatile to the exterior world. While carrying out the engineering process, the different colours and designs are added to the solid surfaces to draw attractions of customers.

Formation of various shapes of solid surfaces

Solid surface fabricators can easily make the joints easily in two folds with the solid sheets by some appropriate adhesive. Then the joints are treated with machines for making it smooth. Solid surface countertops can be joined with sinks without keeping any gaps. Some gel coat surfaces can be achieved by some coating with the engineered process. This surface can protect penetration of bacteria which is responsible for staining and can stop problems related to stones of inherent nature. If the solid surface is broken or cracked, you have to call the professionals from the certified solid repairing company to bring back in the normal form.

Utilities of solid surfaces

It is obvious from the above company that all types of solid surfaces like acrylic or any type of material, it can add to the beauty of the interiors and can serve the fruitful purposes of household and offices. It requires low maintenance and lasts long and solid surfaces with some proper coating may protect the solid material from bacteria and other destroying elements. By the process of thermosetting, the solid surfaces may be designed in three-dimensional configuration to give some better usefulness of the solid surface to the world. So, knowing the criteria of the all solid surfaces, you can select the right choice for you according to your desires.

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