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8 Best Ideas for Good Exhibition Stand For Events in The Middle East

Author: Armaan Malik
by Armaan Malik
Posted: Aug 22, 2016
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Cities like Dubai, Qatar, and Istanbul host some of the largest trade fairs and exhibitions in the world - making it a prime market for Stand Builders and Booth Design companies. While some companies are merely vendors, others have the artists and crew to design, and even provide you some of the best fair stalls suited for your event's theme.

Here are 8 unique ideas to apply for exhibition stand builders for events in the Middle East:

  1. Recycled Materials - Using recycled materials as a part of the Booth Design and Style is a trend for vendors in the Middle East. This usually means using various recycled materials in the general decor, as well as a part of the booths themselves.
  2. Color Themes - One of the main problem for stand builders is to find a suitable color theme that lets various stalls from many companies to blend in to the ambiance well.
  3. Flex and Plastic - For smaller events, especially where the requirement is for small stalls from individual artisans, Flex and Plastic Tubing is used to create cheap and flexible stalls.
  4. Lighting Themes - These days, affordable lighting is available to give your ambiance the right atmosphere according to your event. This may range from bright lights for a trade fair, to the more specific lighting for performance arts events.
  5. Budgeting - Remember that any booth design has to be chosen according to the budget. Some decor solutions may be more expensive than others.

6: OutDoor Stalls - Exhibition stand builders in the Middle East often need to provide solutions for outdoor events; which includes tenting or smaller stalls within a large tent.

  1. Corporate Stalls - Corporate Stalls for trade fairs are often not the easy-to-assemble flex and plastic stalls. Be sure to choose a vendor who has the right metal / fiber readymade booths, as well as the logistics solutions and manpower to arrange them.
  2. Natural Decor - If you aren't hosting a corporate event, you can ask your exhibition designer to incorporate natural items in the decor like rock formations, cacti, and mini-oasis instead of the more commonly used fountains. Remember, only the largest vendors and exhibition stand builders will have the resources for such artistic work and proper execution!

Looking for the best artistic booth designs and stand builders for any event in the Middle East? Enderuns Design is one of the best company in Dubai and Istanbul.

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Author: Armaan Malik

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