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Ancient business success secrets revealed!

Author: Dhanwant Singh
by Dhanwant Singh
Posted: Aug 22, 2016
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Nothing succeeds like success! So, what is the basis of success? Is just plain, good luck? Can you ensure good fortune by planning well?

"MahaVastu works as a vehicle making the route to reach the destination safely in optimum time. MahaVastu provides you the appropriate space where your own inner space can work perfectly and this holds true for business and office spaces of all sizes", says Prof. Dhanwant Singh, MahaVastu Expert and CEO of MahaVastu Bengaluru.

The 5 elements of Space, Fire, Air, Water and Earth and the directions are the building blocks. Colours, shapes, materials and symbolic objects become important in fine tuning the building’s Vastu energy. For instance, the North direction is associated with Water, which is represented by blue colour and wavy shapes. This takes care of career, opportunities and money flow.

Plot for a Factory: Now let us turn to the ideal plot for a factory. What do you need to look for? A good plot is rectangular in the shape. It should also ideally not be T junction or road hit property. The exception is only if it is in the North, North-East or East zones. Then, it proves to be highly profitable. The water boring should be in the northern part of the plot. Other features like slope of the land, and sewers etc should also be examined.

There is a precise 4-Step method that maps and evaluates the suitability of the plot, whether built up or not. A Vastu Expert can guide you on these matters. Once the direction and zonal strengths are examined it will become clear what is required. As per the nature of the business, finer adjustments can be made.

Vastu has all the answers, designs and treatments for a prosperous life-of people’s lives and their ventures. It starts with the basics-how to select a good plot for a factory or office and matches purpose of building with the design. A hospital, shop, factory and cinema hall will need different Vastu configurations to fulfill their purposes. Space is programmed to give definite desired results-of the owners, workers and clients, and production process and the product.

You want optimum performance and output, with all the processes running smoothly. This will make administration and quality control easy to maintain. So what should you do?

Tips for manufacturing units: For manufacturing units, whether small or medium size, certain placements need to be checked.

  • Machinery works best if it is placed in the West and South-West zones. It will bring in more capital and the better quality output.
  • South-South-West is the zone of disposal, so only toilet, dustbin, broom and cleaning agents should be placed in this zone. Meetings conducted here will not be fruitful. Machineries, if kept here, will get damaged and products, if kept in this zone will definitely not sell.
  • Keep the North-East clear and clean. This is the point where universal divine energy resides. No storage, machinery or products should be kept in this zone. Use this as a meeting room. A Buddha statue can keep everyone working here calm and balanced.
  • Never ever make a toilet in the South-East zone as this will stop all cash flow and production. If you have showroom in the factory, place it here. The cash counters will always be ringing.
  • For storage, the North-West, West and West-South-West are good areas.
  • If you are constantly facing short-term problems or repeated machinery breakdown, check what is in the East-South-East zone. This area can ‘churn’ whatever is placed in it. A ‘Manthan’ picture helps balance this zone.
  • If you are not attracting what you want, or excessively getting only one kind of undesirable result, check the North-North-West zone of attraction. Keep your products here-they will sell better and faster.

A Vastu Expert can guide you on the details of the placement and location of different industrial and non-industrial items, besides letting you know which colour schemes and symbols will empower your business.

Tips for Office set up: For the office space, remember that each zone has its own energy and effect. Each type of work is associated with a particular direction. When you sit in the recommended zone, facing that particular direction, it makes you excellent in your field. Your business is bound to prosper.

  • While selecting a beneficial space in the office, say for marketing, the South zone is good to sit while facing the North for production, sit in the South-West zone (skills and relationship), facing West.
  • Keep the safe, money and important documents in the North-West, South-West or West zones. This will help build up finances and security.
  • The East is the zone for social networking-using this areas as a meeting room or lobby will pull good, useful people into your life, aiding your business growth.
  • Again, remember, the South-South-West area must only have the toilet.

If you are an entrepreneur, check your office using the Vastu evaluation techniques. According to your business, choose the right direction which will give you complete success and prove profitable for your living.

  • A plant in a blue container in the North of your home and office will ensure growth and opportunities.
  • In the East, a smiling, benevolent sun will attract powerful and good contacts.
  • For better cooperation with the government, the Ashoka Pillar should be placed in the South-West.

Go ahead! Give your business a new life with Vastu! Fresh energy flow will boost profits, health and happiness. Success will empower you.

The writer, Prof. Dhanwant Singh, CEO of MahaVastu Bengaluru, is also the Founder & Chancellor of the APEX Professional University, Arunachal Pradesh. Contact: +91 080 23615442, 23615559

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A MahaVastu Expert, Professor Singh is the Founder & Chancellor of the Apex Professional University, Arunachal Pradesh.

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