Glass Wool Insulation: A Easy Way of Installation

Author: Rajesh Kumar
by Rajesh Kumar
Posted: Aug 23, 2016

Glass wool Insulation is the most common techniques of insulation used in all over the world as it having beneficial properties like thermal and acoustic as well as physical properties like light in weight, high tensile strength etc that make it more usable and beneficial. It is getting very popular in India and there are lots of suppliers and manufacturers, who are doing insulation work in a very adequate way. Glass wool insulation manufacturers in India is one of the best method of insulation and is preferred in homes, commercially and industrial buildings, vehicles etc.

The best part is it is made from sand and recycled glass which is blend and melted into a fibrous mat and bound together by resin. The final product’s texture is very much similar to wool so it is named ‘glass wool’ because of its appearance. As it is not prepared from chemicals so, If a person inhale its fibers during breathing into lungs during installation, so there is no worries of this as the most fibers dissolve inside body and disappear quickly with no health effects. Glass wool having one more advantage that it is non carcinogenic that means during installation if someone inhale that will not cause any harmful effects on health as well as its never causes cancer.

It fixed with wall through plastic batten and screw inside plastic to reduce the thermal bridge effect. Insulation can be attached with the wall because adhesive cannot guaranteed perfect adhesion to the irregular surfaces and can be degraded by atmospheric agents so it’s recommended to use mechanical fastening. Glass wool is light in weight that’s why it has advantage during transportation and installation. Glass wool is a product made from recycled raw materials and is environmental friendly in every stage.

This is very most well liked by the world and widely used insulation material as glass wool is created from recycled glass bottles, and thus it's ultra eco friendly as it is easy to handle and install as well as it provides the cost efficient in the market so glass wool insulation manufacturers in India is adopted as a best technique. These days glass wool is produced from recycled newspapers that are treated with chemicals which reduces its ignition potential. This material provides a number of advantages over fiberglass as it is inexpensive and reduces airflow as well as doesn't cause any serious health risk.

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