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5 Things to Remember While Buying a Farming Tractor

Author: Larry Hill
by Larry Hill
Posted: Aug 23, 2016
while buying

Tractors are the most vital and versatile possession of a crop farmer. Hence, at the time of buying a tractor, it is important to prefer the brand having a strong reputation and a profound belief in technical innovations. Brands like Ferrari and SAME tractors have already proven their mettle to provide higher efficiency, practicality, and strength. However, while buying a complex farming equipment like tractor, it is essential to consider some other important factors as well.

1. Understand the economy of scale:

While buying farming tractors, you should always keep in mind the acreage of your farm. It helps to determine the cost that you should pay for a tractor. If you are spending a huge amount on its purchase, then the tractor must be used for large-scale farming. Also, it helps to choose the tractors with adequate horsepower. It is never wise to choose a tractor having a horsepower of 45-70 hp for a small farm. Although, they are useful for diversified farming activities including tilling and mowing, but they are futile for a small piece of land.

2. Understand the Utility:

Never buy a tractor that your farm doesn’t need. It implies that you should precisely understand the demands of your farm and choose a tractor accordingly. If you have some specific farming jobs to be accomplished, buy additional parts and attachments with your tractors. Hence, prepare the list of jobs you plan to do with it and ask questions pertaining to this list while selecting your equipment.

3. Consider Its Specifications:

The power and performance of a tractor depend on its specifications. Hence, read and understand them clearly before buying. Select the horsepower and transmission options according to the farm field size and tasks entrusted upon the tractor. In this regard, you must know that modern farming tractors have two types of transmission, viz. hydrostatic and mechanical transmission. The mechanical transmission is power-efficient. On the other hand, a hydrostatic transmission offers greater flexibility in terms of speed and efficiency. Never hesitate to ask specific questions from the seller regarding speed, power, transmission, and practicality of the machine.

4. Consider Its Safety And Operational Feasibility:

When you are handling such complex machinery, you must be assured of its safety features and operational comfort. A proper training and regular maintenance are imperative for ensuring complete safety while operating this machine. The feasibility of running this machine is ensured by the accessibility of its control, seat adjustment, spacing between paddles and fenders, and adjustment of its steering wheel. You can find these features inbuilt in the products manufactured by leading brands like SAME Tractors.

5. Consider Buying Used Equipment:

Depending on your usage pattern and farm size, you can buy used farming tractors as well. These used tractors are equally efficient but they require better mechanical aptitude and proficiency for effective functioning. Buying used tractors can help to save your initial costs incurred on the purchase of farm equipment.

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Whenever you contemplate buying a Same tractor for your farm, ponder over these points to make your purchase profitable for your farming business in a longer run.

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