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My Struggle and My Recovery quotes

Author: Cooldigital Photography
by Cooldigital Photography
Posted: Aug 23, 2016

There were days when I used to cry in vain due to my situation as a divorced woman. This is not a country for women who chose their liberty, freedom and self-respect over an unbalanced, violent relationship with their husband. This society gives no room to those women who didn’t follow the age old tradition of being a suppressed, second class human being in her own home. Similar was my story. I used to face torture and violence during my married life. Most of the time, I didn’t even know what fault I made because of which I was, so called, "punished" or "taught a lesson". Remembering those times still sends shiver down my spine. An abusive husband is considered to be normal affair in our society. Even when women are considered as deities, the common woman is still treated like a materialistic "thing" or "item".

My struggle was just the beginning of the end of my married life. I has a two year old son whom I wanted to raise in different environment, to turn him a better man, than what his own father was. I filed for divorce three years ago, but the mental battles were going on for quite a long time. The much-needed courage to take such a drastic step took time to build up. Being abused, beaten and assaulted for so many years made my soul, a zombie.

I still look at those days with utter horror and nightmarish circumstances, I used to live in. My only hope and reason for my survival was my son and my inner desire to live, because taking my own life will be a victory of my husband and this patriarchal society. The scars on my body was stark reminder of how I will be treated in many more years to come. My tears didn’t mean anything to this indifferent society. Alas, I was the part of such society, which I am still in it.

I had to find a way from this dark abyss. I took many sessions of psychiatric help and other motivational things like reading motivational books and recovery quotes. These well-crafted words and stories helped me to regain my confidence and my will to not only survive but also to achieve in this life. It was the sheer power of these quotes and stories that helped me to come out of depression and made me rise like a Phoenix from my ashes.

In case, you are suffering similar situation, then you can also try these methods. You never know what is going to help you out in various phases of your life. I, personally think that anyone who is suffering from such horrid situations and behaviours, should try to re-establish her own identity and learn from mistakes and recover by their own means assisted with these motivating words.

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Author: Cooldigital Photography

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