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Increasing Cancer in People – A matter of concern

Author: Hiimpact Consultants
by Hiimpact Consultants
Posted: Aug 29, 2016

Today Cancer is the most deadly and painful disease reported so far. There is a programmed cell death (apoptosis) fed inside human body where cell forms, divide and die after certain duration of time, sometimes due to cancer causing agents this mechanism of cell death stops and cancer cells gets activated ultimately leading to cancerous growth or tumor. These tumor cells are of generally two types namely: Benign (localized) and Malignant (spreadable). Benign cancer is generally localized tumor which is treatable and can be destroyed surgically or through radiation. On the other hand, malignant cancer spreads throughout whole body organ leading to untreatable or treatable cancer. Tobacco related cancer (lungs, oral cavity, larynx and esophagus) accounts for approximately 50 % cases of total cancer patient in India.

If we talk about the condition of cancer in India, it strikes one in every eight Indians according to Indian Cancer Society. India produces about 20 surgical oncologists every year, whereas current requirement is 2 – 3 fold times. The increase in cancer patient has led to high demand for super specialty. The history of Oncology originates from, Dr. Suresh H Advani he is regarded as the first oncologist of India. He has successfully done many bone marrow transplants in a blood cancer patient. Due to increasing number of Cancer patients in India, Government and Medical council of India has decided to increase the number of posts and medical seats for Medical Oncology in various Medical colleges and Hospitals.

There is an ample opportunity of Medical Oncologist Jobs in India. A fresh MBBS can opt for medical oncologist for which MBBS along with MD Medicine, MD Pediatrics/ DM (Medical Oncology)/ MD (Radiotherapy)/ DNB (Medical Oncology). Choosing a Medical Oncology branch has become a necessity for doctors as Cancer is killing daily thousands of people per day. So Doctors should come forward in favor of becoming Medical Oncologist, not due to professional cause but for sake of social welfare and mankind. Days are not far when cases of cancer will decline due to increase in Medical Oncologist and more and more discovery of anti cancer drugs.

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The Author is expertise in blogging and framing articles related to healthcare issues. In this article the Author has tried his best to highlight the scope of Doctor jobs in India.

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