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3 Intriguing Things You Didn't Know About Christy Ferer And Vidicom

Author: Leumroth Larislye
by Leumroth Larislye
Posted: Aug 30, 2016

Christy Ferer is an intriguing public figure, businesswoman and stuff-getter-doner. From her work with 9/11 families to her company Vidicom, Ferer has paved the way for women to excel in not just one area or industry, but across the board. Here are 3 intriguing things you might now have known about the NBC, ABC and CBS phenom who got her "real" start much earlier than you might even realize.

Her First Girl Scout Badge was "Dabbler". Emmy Award winning television correspondent, anchorperson, contributor, philanthropist, CEO at Vidicom and liaison to Michael Bloomberg and families affected by 9/11... the list of amazing things Christy Ferer has "dabbled" in is quite impressive. Perhaps all that began when she got her first Girl Scout Badge. Christy revealed to the HuffPost receiving the "Dabbler" badge was the first reason she knew she could achieve tasks she never even dreamed of. Better is to click here or visit our official website to know more about Christy Ferer Vidicom.

She Believes in "Failing Upwards." When asked what advice she would give other women who are looking to start a business like Ferer's Vidicom, she said that it all depends on turning every failure into an opportunity. Doing this with a heaping helping of gratitude for your team will take you far and help you to stay grateful in a world where gratitude is few and far between.

She Was One of the First to Really Drive Home the "Brand Story." Marketing execs and industry insiders know that last year was the year of the brand story and that it is not going anywhere any time soon. Ferer was among the first to recognize a brand's need for both branded and editorial content that helped to reveal a company's narrative to their consumers and audience. Citybuzz, a Ferer brainchild, recently expanded to NY subways, which will help to get branded content into the hands of consumers on the go. Citybuzz was currently already in taxis, airing in hotels and also in-flight. She invested in every story she covered, even if it wasn't her particular pick and learning to appreciate each story as an individual, instead of against a world full of other stories, helped her to see that everyone, and everything, has a story worth telling.

Christy Ferer Vidicom and her media company Vidicom are changing the way that we see branded content and even how we see brands in general. Christy conducted an interview once where she revealed that the secret to creating great work for each and every client stemmed from her 30-year experience in the field. If needed interested individuals can click here or visit our official website in order to know about Christy Ferer Vidicom.

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