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How Hypnotherapy Aids In Quitting Smoking?

Author: Ryan Justin
by Ryan Justin
Posted: Aug 31, 2016
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In the corporate world, due to tremendous work pressure, smoking is very common. People smoke in order to feel relaxed. Although smoking provides relaxation for a momentary second, in the long run it is harmful for the person who is smoking i.e., the smoker, and also harmful for the people who are near to the smokers.

Quitting smoking can be a really tough thing to do for many. But, it can be one of the best things for one’s health. As we all know smoking is injurious to health as it causes cancer. It also increases the risks of lung diseases, heart attacks, strokes, and so on. Smoking is also associated with other health problems like cataracts, fractured bones.

Getting Rid Of Smoking: A Major Challenge Faced By Smokers

Studies have shown that, in order to quit smoking, smoker’s resorts to various methods available at their disposal like nicotine lozenges or patches, chewing gum, counseling, and so on. If all these methods haven’t helped you to kick out the bad habit, then nothing to worry. An alternative method is available for the smokers. Well, thanks to Adelaide hypnotherapy stop smoking.

Basically, hypnotherapy is a form of cognitive treatment that is used to make certain psychological changes in a patient. In order to provide this therapy hypnosis is applied.

Hypnotherapy is one efficient method that can help a person in quitting smoking and also manage their high level of stress and anxiety. Hypnotherapy offers the smartest way to the smokers to quit smoking. In fact hypnotherapy has got a huge success rate. The practice is not only simple and convenient, but also promises to offer a relaxing session.

What Is Hypnotherapy All About?

At Adelaide hypnotherapy stop smoking, modern hypnotherapy techniques are used that helps in rooting the real cause of a person’s smoking habit. An expert hypnotherapist who usually provides this therapy works on the subconscious mind of the patient and after that guides the patient/ client so that he/she can quit smoking.

During the hypnosis session, the points on which main focus is made

  1. Smoking poisons the body
  2. One needs to have a healthy body in order to live.
  3. One should respect one’s body and protect it from any kind of harm.

Hypnotherapy basically teaches the smokers self-hypnosis and then asks him/ her to repeat these assertions whenever their desire to smoke again arises.

How Can Hypnotherapy Help You To Beat Your Addiction To Nicotine?

Basically, when a person is in deep hypnotic state, accessing the subconscious mind and removing the addiction to nicotine found on the body level becomes easy. As the mind and the body are hugely connected with each other, in the hypnotic state accessing the part of the sub-conscious mind that guides the body. The subconscious mind asks the body to get rid of the addiction and naturally the body starts to generate "natural hormones" in order to provide a balance to the body, so that the body does not crave for the nicotine. Once the nicotine addiction gets removed, there are no withdrawal symptoms.

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