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Pool Cleaning Essentials and Tricks

Author: Heather Roberts
by Heather Roberts
Posted: Aug 31, 2016
baking soda

When a person is trying to clean their pool they may feel that they need to hire a home cleaning service. There really is no need to hire a cleaning company or cleaners to handle a pool. There are some house cleaning tips and techniques that will help a person keep their pool sparkling clean. It takes effort, but not necessarily specialized help to do the job – you just need some dedication for the job and the desire to handle it properly. There are only too many ways to do that – you just have to think about it and improvise or act. And here are some tricky suggestions which you can use in your endeavour.

Use Baking Soda

Baking soda makes a great pool cleaner and will help keep the pH levels of the pool balanced. Baking soda is also inexpensive to buy and use. Baking soda will help balance the acidity levels of the water and will prevent the growth of algae. It is abrasive, so it will also tackle a lot of the grime and sticky dirt in the pool. And the fact that it is a natural substance means that you won’t be using any chemicals for the cleaning.

Get a Tennis Ball

Sun tan lotion and sun block often come off the skin when a person enters the water. Once a person is done swimming they should put a tennis ball into the ball. The ball will help soak up the oils and other chemicals that should not be in the pool. The ball can be left to float around and will not do any damage to the pool.

Clean around the Water Line

The water line is a place where a lot of dirt and other residue gather. Be sure to wipe this area down on a weekly basis. This will reduce the amount of dirt that gets into the pool and will also reduce the buildup of calcium.

Keep the Dogs Out

Many people want to swim with their dog but this can do more harm than good. Chlorine can irritate the dog’s skin. Dirt from the dog as well as their hair can clog the filer. Set up a kiddie pool to play with the dog.

These are just some tips to help keep the pool clean. This will allow a person to enjoy the pool and will not have to worry about dirt and residue buildup. It’s not a hard job, nor a difficult one to think about – it merely asks for some persistency and effort. After that it’s all you – a bit of scrubbing there and attention here and your pool will be good to go for some more summer fun.

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Heather Roberts is a freelance guest blogger from London, UK. She has got many published articles on various topics such as cleaning, organizing, home and garden etc.

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