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Tips to Help You Learn French Faster

Author: Learn a Language
by Learn a Language
Posted: Sep 05, 2016

When you’re taking French courses, you may feel like it will take forever to really learn the language. As you study and memorize the words, it seems easy. Then you try to participate or listen to a

conversation, and it may seem overwhelming. Learn to speak French faster with these tips.

1. Use Audio

If you’re taking French language courses in Toronto, Montreal or elsewhere, you’re probably working with both visual and audio. However, you are using language learning tools online, you may be limiting yourself to reading French. Make sure that whatever method you use includes audio. While you can supplement it with your own French resources, such as movies or music, they can be too advanced for a beginner. Audio learning tools will utilize the right level of spoken French for your abilities.

2. Stop Translating into English

As a beginner, you’ll take a word and translate it into English so that you can understand what it means. Get over this habit as quickly as possible because it delays your learning. Not every word you have will come with an exact translation. Instead, strive to hear a word and immediately understand it in French.

3. Use Images

Instead of translating, think visually. Translate the French word into an image you will remember. Take phrases and write them on flash cards with a drawing of the meaning rather than the English equivalent. This helps you understand the meaning of the phrase without trying to translate it word by word.

4. Focus on Phrases and Sentences

Instead of learning French one word at a time, focus on putting the words together for a sentence. This allows you to put the words in context and be able to speak more fluently. For instance, if you ask what’s on the menu at a restaurant, you can practice saying the entire phrase instead of learning one word at a time. Then, when you’re seated in a French restaurant, the entire phrase will come to mind.

5. Prioritize Your Learning

You won’t learn every single word in a sentence at one time. Instead, focus on the words you need to learn first. Basically, that will be nouns and verbs. You can learn the adjectives and other words after you master the basics. Even if you only know nouns and verbs in French, you’ll get your point across. Even better, focus on the present tense of the verbs, since you’ll most likely use that when speaking. For example, I am hungry, I am tired.

6. Keep Reviewing

Continue to go over terms and phrases you’ve learned even as you learn new words. Make sure you use French at every possible opportunity to get in ingrained into your brain. The more you speak in this language, the easier it will become.

Make learning French more fun by following these tips to increase your success. Don’t get frustrated, but realize it takes time to master an entire language. After all, you’ve had many years to practice your native tongue.

Berlitz provides language course and English courses Toronto with private or group lessons. English and French classes and courses allow students to learn a new language in 10 days.

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Berlitz provides language classes in Toronto with private or group lessons. English and French classes and courses allow students to learn a new language in 10 days.

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