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Alkaline Water - Worth the Hype or Just a Story?

Author: Hampry Gomes
by Hampry Gomes
Posted: Sep 06, 2016

Health trends change quite frequently. We all have heard about fad diets and food plans that promise to change our body in miraculous ways, and at the same time, there is no denying that such diets do come with their own cons. However, that isn’t exactly the case with alkaline diet. Basically, this is a diet that says eating foods and drinking beverages with a better pH level can keep a lot of health issues at bay. Since the diet restricts a person from some of the tasty flavors, many people choose to go for alkaline water, which has a higher pH level. In this unbiased post, we will try to decode the pros and cons of drinking alkaline beverages.

The Pros at a Glance:

  1. Many researchers actually believe that alkaline water allows easy absorption of water in the body due to the higher pH. In general, tap water contains pH level of 5 or 6, while with alkaline beverages; the level can be as high as 9 or 10. The improvement in pH allows the body to flush all toxins in a better way, which in turn works on the hydration rate.
  2. The mineral content in alkaline water is also very high. Naturally, water gets alkaline when it passes through rocks around the streams. The water we buy from the store is manufactured artificially, and leading brands make sure that there are extra minerals and vitamins. With 9.5pH alkaline water manufactured to advanced standards, your body actually gets a good dose of essential nutrients.
  3. Experts also believe that water with better pH offers relief from muscle pain and sprains. There is also a good impact on the metabolism rate and blood sugar levels, which may be extremely beneficial for those dealing with obesity and diabetes.

On The Flip Side:

Well, the only con that one can think of is the price. Alkaline water is priced higher than regular mineral water, which can be a turn off. However, with the benefits that you get, it is easy to shell those extra dollars. Reading between the labels is also essential, given that you need to find the details about added minerals and other facts about a certain brand. Also, it should be noted that alkaline water and its benefits are yet to be approved by leading researchers. Although there are no side effects or known concerns, the lack of conclusive evidence can be a reason to put off some people.

Keeping those aside, you have some reasons to consider alkaline water as a part of your daily routine. For a good body, it isn’t just about food, but it is equally about water and hydration too. Given that dairy and meat will be off your menu in this diet, replacing your regular water with high pH water is probably a good way to start. Not to forget, don’t miss on talking with your doctor before you make any kind of major changes in your diet, especially if you are on medications.

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