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Types Of Lathe Machine Tools And Their Applications

Author: Exporters India
by Exporters India
Posted: Jan 10, 2014

A Lathe Machine Tool rotates a workpiece on its axial point in order to shape it in the profile that matches axis of rotation. Lathe Machine Tools are used for shaping procedures like knurling, drilling, cutting, sanding, turning, facing and deformation. This machine tool can be used for making an array of objects like cue sticks, candlestick holders, table legs, gun barrel, baseball bats, bowls, crankshafts and musical woodwind instruments. Following sections will give you a brief overview of few types of Lathe Machine Tools and their applications:

Metalworking Lathe

It is used for metalworking and it consists of hardened cutting tool that rotates in a circular motion to amputate a piece of metal from the metallic workpiece.

Glass-working Lathe

Glass-working Lathe Machine Tool is used for shaping glass workpieces that are subjected to adjustable flame. Flame is used for elevating the temperature of glass which facilitates the shaping process.

Ornamental Turning Lathe

It is used for making ornamental or decorative objects from workpieces of various materials. The elliptical chuck and eccentric chuck and different types of cutting frames of Ornamental Turning Lathe facilitate manufacturing of decorative pieces that have complex shapes.

Transcription Lathe

It is used for making grooves on the surface of the workpiece. These grooves are meant for sound recording and Transcription Lathe were used for making gramophone recording discs in earlier days.

Rotary Lathe

This type of Lathe Machine Tool is also known as wood veneer and it finds application in woodworking industry. Rotary Lathe is used for making plywood and cosmetic surface veneer for chipboards.

Woodworking Lathe

This type of Lathe Machine Tool is also used in wood working industry. Woodworking Lathes are used for making wooden objects of various shapes and sizes.

Cue Lathe

It is also used for working with wooden workpieces to make symmetrically cut billiard cue sticks. This type of Lathe Machine Tool is capable of making and repairing precisely cut billiard cue sticks.

Metal Spinning Lathe

It comprises of a rotationally symmetric mandrel which functions like a template to mold the workpiece. This Lathe Machine Tool is used for making metallic objects like bowls, plates and vase.

Reducing Lathe

It comprises of accessories that are capable of reproducing or replicating an object. This type of Lathe Machine Tool is mostly used for making coin.

Watchmaker's Lathe

This precise Metalworking Lathe is used by horologists for making watch. This type of Lathe Machine Tool is capable of making precise cuts which are necessary to shape the components of watch.

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