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Balloons - an Attention Grabbing Marketing Strategy

Author: Wendy Aguiza
by Wendy Aguiza
Posted: Jan 10, 2014

Typically the objective of marketing is straightforward: attract the attention of your audience. The remainder is all about the follow-up, and needs to be high quality: but first and foremost, it’s all about getting noticed.

One company with a definite understanding of that is B-Loony, a promotional balloons company from the Midlands. There’s a big shiny splash happening at actually - where you can see balloon arches and releases in full effect, doing exactly what I’m talking about. As with all promotions, the key to successful advertising & promotional balloons use is knowing when to go with balloons and when to use more traditional advertising forums.

Once you have been discovered, you can get down to the business of enticing people to try your products, sign up for your services or eat your food. But that all comes further on in the process. First, you will be trying to find ways to attract them in off the street; or to get them attracted in spite of the onslaught of colour and information all around them. On the high street; in the shopping complex; or at a music festival; there's always more going on than the eye or ear can comprehend. So one of the primary functions of your balloon arch, or your balloon clusters, is to make the eye home in on your stand, your shop or your product display. Clearly the right type of balloon installation is a important part of your results here. As an easily understood case in point, it would be inappropriate (not to say probably prohibited by the centre’s owners) to hold a balloon drop in a shopping complex. Consumers not really interested in your launch would be perhaps inconvenienced and the tidy up after might affect on the operation of the general complex.

So you will need to think of the best attention grabbing marketing items at the right moment. Which is where the specialists come in. When it comes to designing balloon celebrations or balloon furniture, the people best experienced to put the best installation in the right place are the specialists who do it day in, day out for a living. In the same manner that you are qualified to make expert pronunciations on your own industry, professional balloon events organisers can give you advice on how best to bring your promotion to three dimensional existance: without getting in the way of event hosts or organisers and without bothering the people who don’t want to get involved.

Some events dictate their own type of balloon structures. A gala event, for example, is more suitable to be furnished with a balloon arch (at the entrance) and maybe balloon clusters floating on the chairs. While a point of sale errection might benefit from foil balloon clusters or a balloon column. For a more involved adventure, you may wish to try a balloon drop or a balloon release. Normally, a balloon drop is held inside a big structure such as a trade show venue or sports arena, and can be used to add a enormous feeling of spectacle to an occasion. A balloon release is the opposite of a balloon drop - here a large amount of balloons are launched outdoors, with tags on holding promotional messages or race numbers. One can structure a balloon release as a contest, supplying finders of the balloons and their labels discounts and other product benefits; or you could simply consider the promotion as a way of distributing a couple of types of very effective advertising messages at the same time.

A balloon launch provides an immediate interest grabbing spectacle for those who witness the balloons go up. But it simultaneously offers that unique moment of intrigue, the objective of many an advertising team, when someone finds one hanging down into their garden and reads the note fastened to it!

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