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How to Repair Small Engines

Author: Trevor Yate
by Trevor Yate
Posted: Sep 07, 2016
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Small engines play an important role in our homes whether it is for the lawn movers or even boats. However, there are times when they will develop problems. There are many causes of problems in our small engines especially when you are using an outdoor power machine such a lawn mower that has been stored for off-season. However, there are some tips that you can use in small engine repairs. Before you start, you will need to ensure that you have disconnected or removed the spark plug.

Check fuel

In case you have some clean and fresh fuel in your tank, you will need to start by filling it. In case it has fuel, ensure that the shut-off valve is not only open but it is also clean. Some of the common issues that can cause your small machine engine not to start include dirt, debris and even the stale fuel. In case you are storing your equipment with untreated gas in its tank, this can cause damage. In order to prevent this issue early enough, you should ensure there is proper storage of your equipment.

Clean carburetor

Your machine can fail to start as a result of carburetor problems. This is an important part as it plays an important role in regulating the movement or fuel and air through the engine to power the equipment. If there is dirt, it can reduce the performance of the engine or result in starting problems.

Check ignition issues and spark plug

Dirty, disconnected or fouled spark plugs can result in the failure of the engine to start. It is advisable to replace your spark plug after every season or after every 25 hours. Also ensure that the spark plug gap has been set in the right manner. In case the spark plug of the machine is good, issues with the ignition can also prevent starting. These will range from the faulty spark plug leads, flywheel key damage or even the shorter kill switch.

Check valve and compression system

In order for the engine to power lawn mowers as well as other outdoor power equipment, there is need for compression of air fuel. This compression system is usually made of cylinders, valves, pistons and rings that are responsible for controlling now fuel and air vapor moves in the engines. Valves are responsible for letting air in and out while the piston is responsible for taking the mixture of air and fuel into the ignition.

In case there is no right valve clearance or if there is a leakage, this result in compression issue and this prevents the engine from starting.

Stalling, running rough or surging of the engine

Whenever the engine starts & stalls, this is usually as a result of issues in maintenance. Find out if your fuel is still fresh as stale or untreated gas will start breaking down after around one month.

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