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How Mobile Phones turn out to Life Saving in Emergency Situations?

Author: Anil Sharma
by Anil Sharma
Posted: Sep 07, 2016

In this technological era where people are more inclined towards every single update going on, every new technology that comes in market has its own impact on people. Technology never comes single handed, with it comes both its advantages and disadvantages. If we are talking about its two phases then for sure positive phase is much brighter as compared to negative one. Technology has revolutionized our lives in many ways starting from waking up in the morning to sleeping at night. If we try to spend single day without our gadgets, it’ll be like living in caves for us.

Every single gadget we use in our daily life is of utmost importance to us, but one gadget that has completely overtaken all other devices is cell phone. We are living in world where staying in touch with one another has become so important that we have to think twice before leaving our homes if we don’t have any source of communication. I’m not denying the fact that only advantages have evolved with the invention of cell phones, as we all know good’s and Bad’s are part of same page.

Looking at the more technical aspects, with the growing use of mobile phones many things have become lot easier than it used to be before. You can shop from home, Call in doctor or any other major task for which you have to walk miles before. Yes- I haven’t forgotten about vehicles, but era when there existed no means for transportation was also there. Altogether that’s a different story but just imagine what you would do in the case of emergency situation when you only have your Mobile with you.

According to some studies it has been proved that use of mobile phones in life threatening situations has largely increased the rate of mortality. In cases where medical problems arise out of nowhere mobiles can prove to be life saving if action is taken at right time. Some studies have also shown that around 137 more lives are saved per 100,000 patients when emergency services are called from mobile phones instead of landlines.

The use of mobile phones has many advantages in case of immediate requirements where incident may be caused due to onsite activities, outdoor accidents or sudden injuries. The accessibility of mobile phones during these situations is high as compared to landlines, also providing access in rural areas that may get disconnected in case of major problems when using landlines.

With that being said the denial about fact that mobile phones are the lead cause of many violent incidents that happens in everyday life wouldn’t be right. It does have some serious negative impact on young generation these days, but weighing the positives with negatives ones, it turns out that Pros are the ultimate winners. We just can’t discard this fact solemnly based on events that has proved harmful for individual lives, instead we should just accept that our lives have impacted in positive ways leading our daily tasks more efficiently, and sometimes in a way that can save someone’s precious life.

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Author: Anil Sharma

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