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Starting B2B Content Marketing Strategy – What Not to Do

Author: David Levy
by David Levy
Posted: Sep 07, 2016

B2B trade in every industry is moving fast. Marketers are struggling to keep up with the increasing international and domestic demands in a modern economy. A large majority of companies are running blind with their content marketing efforts. The primary reason behind this ineffectiveness is the lack of a strong content marketing strategy. However, there is no lack of information about content marketing plans that can guide marketers trying to define a documented content marketing strategy for their organization.

Marketers should make alterations to the original topics to bring them in line with their target audience’s interests. By publishing the desired topics on a regular basis, they will gain credibility as a worthy resource. The content should also be relevant. Users must obtain appropriate information from them. Plus, they should align their company with their target audience’s values. This creates more opportunities to connect and build relationships. Marketers are also known to employ the services of industry experts and influencers for market insight.

For managing the content marketing strategy in the best possible way, it is important to avoid pitfalls. Here are some things that one should be aware of:

  • Do Not Blow Your Own Trumpet: Your content should not talk about your products exclusively, no matter how great they are. Informative and outreach content should be just about providing information and building relationships. You should talk about the industry as a whole. Examples of content ideas include industry challenges and what businesses can do to adapt and overcome them.
  • Do Not Turn Your Content into an Ad: Trying to fool your audience by talking about the industry and then swooping in with a sales pitch will not help you in the long run. The content has to be meaningful, and it should stimulate thought and promote discussion. If you regularly offer substantial and meaningful content, readers will definitely lean towards your company and products in time.
  • Do Not Limit Content Availability: Restricting content is the highway to obscurity. Do not put paywalls with subscriber only content. No newcomer will like that. Every loyal customer you have today was once a newcomer. Not allowing adblockers will also ensure that you never will get a visitor to come back to you and also turn away current readers. If your revenue depends on monetizing your B2B content, you need to consider a new line of work. Other examples of restricting content include geographical restriction which could hinder your potential for future growth. The only justification for gated content is when the information itself is a product, such as a restricted research report.
• Do Not Go Crazy with Conversion Opportunities: Companies that are building from the ground up should understand that it takes time to create lasting value. Your primary focus should be on generating awareness and reaching out to more and more people. After carefully analyzing the data, you should fine tune your content marketing strategy. When you see favorable engagement metrics, you can cash-in the most relevant conversion opportunities with CTAs, inbound links, and even gated content if you are truly desperate.
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Author: David Levy

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