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4 Facts to Know About the Cedar Wood Fences

Author: Gerry Josh
by Gerry Josh
Posted: Sep 07, 2016

The western red cedar is found in the Pacific Northwest region. The Native Americans have named this wood as the "Tree of Life". This wood type is not only used by the Native Americans to build homes, but its use to build the masks, totem poles, clothing, rope, and cannons were also there. Today, the cedar wood is used to build the finest fences due to the many benefits that it offers. If we talk about one of the specialties of cedar, then the fragrance makes it stand out of the rest options. It can be called as one of the earliest perfumes of the mankind. The sticky oil that has been naturally preserved in the cedar is also used by the ancient Egyptians for embalming.

Here are the 4 facts to look at that makes cedar a great option, when a homeowner is looking for the wood fence installation in Leesburg, VA:

1. Cedar Fences Are Truly Durable

When a homeowner needs to choose the most durable wood type for fencing their yards, then the cedar is one type that has advantages over all the other available wood types. It means that when the durability is a big concern, then a homeowner should Look For The Cedar Fences in Leesburg VA rather than opting for another type. The natural oils that cedar wood holds make it resistant to the insect attacks and decay. So, this is one of the most durable fencing materials that a homeowner can consider.

2. Cedar Fences Can Adopt to Any Landscape or Structure

Cedar is pitch and resin-free type of wood that can be stated as one of its specialties. Whether a homeowner wants to protect or embellish the wood in order to boost or prolong the use, then the cedar wood stands like the best option. This wood type can maintain and accept a wide array of elegant finishes. From the light colored bleaches to dark stains and the semi-transparent, the cedar can be the best option to match any landscape or building structure as per your desires.

3. Being Green

When a homeowner is choosing wood as a fencing material for fence installation in Leesburg, VA, then his main objective behind would be the nature. There is not even a single other wood type that can produce the natural scent that a cedar wood produces. Cedar fences are considered to be the best fencing material for the ones who should be looking for the fences that are environmentally friendly. The original cedar wood has the features to remove the greenhouse gases that might be present in the atmosphere.

4. Cedar Fences are Much Attractive

The rich and the vibrant colors that’s sharp look are quite appealing and impressive. If your main focus is on creating a lush and beautiful look, when surrounding your entire property or yard, then the natural elegance of the cedar wood is very hard to beat. The best part is when your cedar fences starts to lose its sheen or discoloring, then you can also opt for the cedar wood fence painting in Leesburg, VA in order to rediscover its lost glory.

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