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How to Increase Score in Speaking Section of PTE Test?

Author: Catherine Walsh
by Catherine Walsh
Posted: Sep 08, 2016

A good proficiency test score is essential to be eligible for visa, immigration, study, and work in foreign countries. Several agencies are conducting English proficiency tests and certifying non-speakers globally. PTE Test of English is being chosen by international students as it is a reliable and fast way of assessing the proficiency of English language. Though, it is a new agency but has won hearts of international students within a short time.

Reasons for Taking PTE Test

Here are the benefits of taking PTE test for takers:

  • It gives exam result faster within 5 working days
  • Scores are accepted in over 6000 organizations and university globally
  • Book test on flexible dates in 200 authorized centers 363 days a year worldwide
  • It offers impartial scores to takers
  • The exam tests real-life English of takers with no dialect
  • You can take the exam unlimitedly to improve scores

Tips to Score Higher in Speaking Section

No proficiency test is easy or simple. It requires a good preparation in accordance with the syllabus of the test. Succeeding in the PTE academic India need rigorous practices to improve the weaker sections. The test is divided into four sections as Speaking and Writing, Reading, and Listening. To improve the overall score, section wise practice is essential.

In speaking section, you will find the following questions:

1. Read Aloud: In this, take care of your intonation, pronunciation, and oral fluency. The score is given based on speaking and reading, oral fluency, pronunciation, and key points in the content.

Preparation Tips:

  • Focus on fluency
  • Find out hard words to spell correctly before starting to record
  • Avoid using inappropriate stress and incorrect pronunciation
  • Read the whole sentence before recording
  • Don’t keep silence for more than 3 seconds
  • Keep your tone natural and decent

2. Repeat Sentence: Write the initial letter of the words in the sentence to use in repeating the sentences with the same pronunciation.

Preparation Tips:

  • Focus on oral fluency
  • Concentrate on listening to the sentence to help in repeating
  • Use a calm and clear voice in answering
  • Be careful in adding new texts or omitting heard texts
  • Repeat the main keywords if can’t recall the whole sentence

3. Describe Image: In this, you need to describe image according to positions as foreground, background, left, right, middle, top, bottom words.

Preparation Tips:

  • Use words like to illustrate ……it depicts in description
  • Mention the most important points or information of the image
  • In images, use words like left, right, middle, top, and so on.
  • In describing graph, use X-axis and Y-axis

4. Re-tell lecture: Listen carefully and write keywords of the sentence to use in re-telling lecture. Write only the initial letter to avoid losing concentration and miss the conclusion at the end.

Preparation Tips:

  • Write the main keywords to understand the topic
  • Try to remember at least 2-3 sentences to be easier in re-telling lectures
  • Use phrases like according to the speaker, the lecture provides brief information about, etc.
  • Improve your fluency and what you speak

5. Answer short question: Here are preparation tips in this section:

  • Repeat the keywords in your answer if you don’t know the answer
  • Use a, an, and the appropriately

PTE test can be taken unlimitedly until a suitable score is achieved. Taking the exam repeatedly creates financial constraints for students. Buy PTE voucher to avail a 10% discount on the original fee required in booking the academic test. Contact us to buy a voucher to use in booking the test online.

About the Author

Catherine Walsh is a content writer at Splashsys Webtech. She loves writing about information technology, fiction, and search engine marketing information. In the free time, she loves exploring the internet to dig out interesting facts and ideas.

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