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How Do Stem Cell Therapy And Aquatic Therapy Together help in Cerebral Palsy Treatment

Author: Nupur Jha
by Nupur Jha
Posted: Sep 09, 2016

Cerebral Palsy is one of the most common movement disorders affecting children worldwide. Out of every 1000 live births, 2 are affected by this disease. The symptoms of the disease start to appear in the early years of life. These include weak muscles, poor movement coordination, tremors, and other symptoms. There are also problems associated with crawling, sitting and walking; the children fail to show normal mental and physical growth patterns. Other abnormalities include problems with vision, hearing, sensation, swallowing, and speaking. Cerebral Palsy is not progressive, and hence the symptoms do not worsen over time.

Stem Cell Therapy & Aquatic Therapy For The Treatment of Cerebral Palsy

A combination of aquatic and stem cell therapy, for cerebral palsy treatment in India, can bring in multiple benefits to the children who are affected by CP.

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell treatment procedure makes use of stem cells for treating neurological disorders. Stem cells are found in humans and other living beings. While other therapies, including medications, physiotherapy, and surgery, among others, cannot address the root cause of CP, stem cells successfully treat the inner neural abnormalities when transplanted into the patient. Leading health care and stem cell therapy institutes, including NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute, use the autologous stem cells (cells derived from the body of the patient), for treating such diseases. These cells are not rejected by the immune system of the body. Once transplanted, stem cells initiate the repair and regeneration process within the brain. They release the growth and trophic factors, which restrict and decrease nervous system and brain damage. Stem cells have the unique regenerative property, and can divide and multiply to form the specialized neural cells. Stem cells differentiate to form the glial cells, oligodendrocytes, and other neural cells and help in the normal functioning of the brain.

Other benefits of stem cell transplantation for the treatment of CP include:

  1. Generation of the new blood vessels leads to increasing the supply of oxygen to the brain, and help repair damaged brain areas.
  2. Prevention of cell death in a given neuronal population.
  3. Cell multiplication, and cellular integration.
  4. Creation and establishment of new neuronal maps within the brain, so that the CP patients can learn new functions.

Aquatic Therapy

The aquatic therapy, for cerebral palsy treatment in India, is advised in CP patients. It is done under the guidance of a trained and certified medical professional in a swimming pool, or in some other aquatic environment. Since it is a non-restrictive space, it relaxes stiff muscles, and as there is a lesser gravitational pull acting on the body, the patient also enjoys a less-pressurized feeling, and can move around with least strength required.

Water or aquatic therapy gives both physical and mental benefits to the patients. Post-therapy, there is a decrease in the muscle, pain spasms, joint compression, and less muscle rigidity. Also, it leads to greater coordination and balance, higher endurance, greater muscle strength, and better posture. The mental benefits include a better mood, a more patient psyche, greater self-esteem, low stress, lesser tension, higher energy quotient, and a better-looking body figure.

NGBSI offers a unique combination of both stem cell therapy and rehabilitation (including Aquatic therapy) and treats neurological disorders more comprehensively.

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