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How user experience effect production of Mobile Phones?

Author: Anil Sharma
by Anil Sharma
Posted: Sep 12, 2016
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Technology never stays same and so as the inventions that grows with it. Each passing day something new evolves that has a greater impact on mankind. The way in which we carry out our daily tasks revolves around technological advancements and the way we live our life has completely revolutionized because of it. Mobile phones are one such example of technology that is changing way we communicate with people and do our daily tasks. We can almost do everything on our finger tips starting from buying food to deposit check online. That’s the power of technology and we have only utilized smaller part of what it may offer in coming years, as 21st century has just begun, more is yet to come.

With growing competition in market, it becomes essential that Mobile phone companies develop new features for their model that overcome other models already present in market. For this they need to do proper research before adopting any major change that may or may not benefit product or the company in whole.

User experience is one such factor that can help you choose the features. From screen size to embedded software all little details from user can make your product better. Today numbers of mobile phones are present in market ranging from small screen size to larger ones, from tablets to Phablets (touchscreen smart phones with screens larger than 5.3 inch).

According to some research done on various smart phone users it had been found out that people usually likes smart phones with medium screen size, as they are portable. Today need of smart phones have risen to an extent where carrying it wherever you go, is as important as having three meals a day. User looks for something that is easy to handle and comfortable to adjust anywhere. Tablets are also in great demand but due to their large size it creates a problem unless you are not carrying a bag with you. Well for some tasks Tablets are also important but when their size become issues its little unsettling. For this reason Phablets come in action. They are neither large nor small in size, something which is easy to carry around where ever you go. Usually they have screen larger than 5.3 inch is which is small as compared to Tablets.

Due to this fact Phablets are becoming more popular especially in offices where daily presentations are no new thing and people are easily switching to these new gadgets. Every year designers come with something that improves user experience, because ultimately at end users are one’s who will use the finished product.

Finger print sensors are quite in trend these days. This idea has changed the definition of security for smart phones. Currently Xiaomi Redmi 3s and 3S Prime are two models that are going in direction to adopt this new technology and they had already implemented it in one of their models. With the launch of Xiaomi Redmi 3S Flipkart all aspects of user satisfactions have been met, as Xiaomi has represented such a vast and prudent technology in affordable price range that has not only enhanced user experience but also has set new standards for further development in this field.

The screen size of Xiaomi Redmi 3S is 5.00 inch with a splendid outlook. Starting at the range of Rs 6,999 this Smart phone has already marked great success which directly links with customer satisfaction. According to recent stats it has been driven that 5 batches of Xiaomi Redmi 3S are already sold out completely on platforms like Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal, with each batch containing approximately 90,00 units that got out of stock in mere 5 Minutes. This shows the trust and belief that customers have built with this brand. After all at last customers decide the rise and fall of any product and if user experience is not up to mark than possibility that your product will vanish from market shelf is no new thing.

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Aisha Gupta is renowned Business analyst managing several brands to get quality results. Currently she is managing onsite tasks on Ohmyrupee.

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