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How to Drive More Audience to your Exhibition Stand?

Author: Armaan Malik
by Armaan Malik
Posted: Sep 13, 2016
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To compete in an exhibition or a trade show can be challenging at times. There are countless activities that are going on at each exhibition. The wrong graphics, lights, presentations and other distractions is likely to keep away attendees from visiting your exhibition stand. The best step that will help you in standing out in the competition and catching the attention of leads is by joining hands with professional exhibition stand builders. They will come up with a unique and exclusive exhibition stand design that will make you have an upper hand over others.

Smart tips that will help you drive more audience to your exhibition stand

Below are some tips which will help you drive more audience to your exhibition stand. These are as follows,

  • Contact attendees - get the complete attendees list that has registered for the exhibition from the show organizer. Ensure you communicate with the registered attendees well ahead of the exhibition. Send them a mail for a personal meeting or may be an invitation for meeting you at the show. Just before a few days of the event follow-up with a sweet and friendly email and inform them that you are eagerly waiting to meet them. Also mention stand activities, competitions and giveaways that you plan to host on your stand as this will build excitement as well as encourage the attendees to stop by your Exhibition Stand.

  • Do not forget the existing clients - your current clients’ time is limited thus you should ensure that they have an excellent reason of visiting you. A smart way of doing this is by providing valuable giveaways. Also try to provide discounts as this along with reinforcing your bond with your clients will also help in making them feel valued

  • Promotion before the show - marketing prior to the commencement of the exhibition will make a noteworthy difference when it comes to the amount of visitors that you get. Always keep your profiles in social media up to date. Inform people about your stand’s location and include refreshments, hot beverages, freebies and interactive games for best results. Also try sending e-newsletters, advertising on pertinent sites and magazines and writing blog posts. The more you promote your show the better!

  • Reward the staff - booth staffing successfully is crucial as this has the power of changing your exhibiting experience completely. After all, the staff require in conveying the correct impression regarding your company.

  • Offer a relaxing space - the best way of attracting visitors is by offering them a welcoming and relaxing environment. Keep the stands easily accessible, simple and include comfortable seats.

  • Be visual - last but not the least it is wise to plan for an exhibition well ahead of time say 5-6 months prior to the commencement of the show. Along with your team members set realistic objectives, make a schedule and also plan all activities. Hire the best exhibition stand builders who can plan and execute an effective and beautiful exhibition stand design

So next time you organize an event, consider the aforementioned tips sincerely and nothing can stop you from driving more audience to your stand.

Exhibitions and Tradeshows have gained ample recognition over the years. This is so because it is affordable and the most effective means of promoting a brand or a product to clients. It is always wise to find professional and experienced exhibition stand builders like who can create the best exhibition stand designs that can drive maximum audiences.

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