How to Achieve a Successful Ecommerce Implementation?

Author: Kapil Sharma
by Kapil Sharma
Posted: Sep 14, 2016

For a successful implementation of any ecommerce business, certain strategies need to be adopted which are discussed in this article.

For a successful ecommerce business, a lot depends on the ecommerce implementation. Again for a successful ecommerce implementation, there are certain strategies or measures that need to be adopted which work for the success of the online business as a whole.

We are discussing below the key steps that need to be taken to make an enterprise ecommerce implementation a success. All these steps need to be taken in a phased manner.

  • Business planning strategically: The thumb rule is to make the right choice at the right time to achieve the business objectives. First of all, your vision should be clear cut and you should plan it accordingly. You should be clear on your budget (how much you are willing to spend initially), your timeframe (how much time you require to start and implement), availability of and challenges that you might face during the implementation process. Once you are clear on this, you need to prepare the roadmap to achieve your goals. So, the first key step is a proper planning for ecommerce business.
  • Website making and technology selection: The next key step is to prepare a website for your business using the latest technology. For this, you need to choose the best enterprise ecommerce platform to run your ecommerce website. Your chosen ecommerce technology should be fully customizable, and should comply with your business model. All aspects on the working of the website should be taken into consideration to perform better. It is also very important to monitor the process of implementation.
  • Customer acquisition and engagement: There are various tools in digital marketing to acquire more and more customers. It can be through SEO, SEM, Paid advertisements, video marketing, emails, and referral programs and so on. It is necessary to adopt the right mix of tools for customer acquisition. Also, there is the need for customer engagement too. An omni-channel commerce plays a vital role in this for which hybris is the best solution and there is the need for
hybris partners for a proper hybris implementation.

  • Proper optimisation: Ecommerce consultants also give emphasis on optimization based on key metrics like as generation of revenue, cost of customer acquisition and retention, conversion of customers, percentage of visitors and so on. All these key metrics give a proper evaluation of the health of your ecommerce business. For these, optimising the speed of the website is very essential. There are various functionalities and features to help online retailers to improve these key matrices.
  • Business analytics: Last but not the least, for a successful ecommerce implementation, the latest ecommerce news states that it is very essential to know about the product categories of your business, which categories out of these work best, what are your customers’ interests, customer segments and demographics, and so on. It is essential to include those categories and products within those categories that are preferred most by your customers. In this way, customer retention will be more and you will have more profitable customers. A complete business analysis and customer insights is very essential for the growth of an online business.
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