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Get the Superior-Quality Work Gloves and Industrial Clothing from a Leading Company

Author: Liyo Josef
by Liyo Josef
Posted: Sep 19, 2016

The majority of the employers are conscious of their fundamental duty of care to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) at work, but do they actually consider the value and significance of health and safety work wear in their organization? Employers recognise the need to provide safety wear to guard their staff from very dangerous environments; for example, if the employee is working close to heavy machinery or any hazardous place, it’s necessary to provide him with safety equipment, gloves, etc.

When an employee has to carry out a task in a risky environment and they do not feel entirely secured, they will be concerned about protecting themselves sooner than carrying out the task as competently and effectively as they could. Issuing basic protective work wear does help to eradicate this risk. In most of the cases employees are just provided with the basic level of protection to minimize the risk and no attention is paid on the quality and options available.

Like, whenever anyone is working in an outside environment, it could not be evaded that there are dangers that will be prowling around. If you are outside working you need to be seen, so that’s why the best thing to wear is high visibility clothing. On top of that, there are some drivers who drive drunk or rash drive who risk their and others lives on road. That is why there is a particular jacket that is used to protect these workers from possible disasters. These jackets are known as Hi Vis Vest.

It is common for workers getting hit by moving vehicles simply because the nighttime visibility is not optimal. As a way to add to safety for the road workers or other outdoor workers; high visibility apparel is compulsory. These high visibility jackets can absolutely help workers stay away from injuries that can happen from being hit by moving vehicles.

We sell high quality flame retardant boiler suits for use in factory and engineering environments. The food processing industry is also a big user of boiler suits and coveralls, both 100% cotton and poly cotton ones.

Sharkey Industrials sell a wide range of boiler suits overalls, which can be viewed on their website at

Founded in 2001 by Michelle and Joseph Sharkey, the company is an Ireland based online providers serving since 15 years. They provide affordable and safe work wears with their own in-house print and design team.

About Sharkey Industrials:

Founded in 2001, this Ireland based online supplier company sells best-in-class protective industrial apparels and equipment like work gloves, coats, vests, hi-vis jackets, body warmers, respirators etc. For more information, visit

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