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Reasons for growing popularity of Crystal Healing in Michigan

Author: Joy Oyler
by Joy Oyler
Posted: Sep 20, 2016
crystal healing

Crystal healing is a pseudoscientific substitution medicine technique that makes use of stones and crystals. Experts of the technique state that these have curing powers, though there is no scientific root for this say. However, this does not bring down the popularity of Crystal Healing in Michigan.

Adherents claim that these crystals include everything right from common quartz to rare sapphires used in the healing process. The crystals used for healing have a spiritual form of energy, which can be connected by those people who use them.

It has gained a momentum after celebrities like Angelina Jolie have used them. Hollywood is admired all around the world and Michigan is no exception. If a celeb like Angelina Jolie is recommending crystal healing, it is bound to get popular in Michigan as well. Nevertheless, this is one of the many reasons for Crystal Healing in West Michigan getting trendy day by day.

Crystals transmit energy if you hold them in hand or place them on key points of the body. The transmitted energy helps you in having a calmer and revitalised body. It can cure everything from depression to ill health. This is the reason for Crystal Healing used by those who have no solution for their problems in medical science. As I mentioned earlier, It is pseudoscientific substitution medicine technique for healing.

Many people question the scientific authenticity of crystal healing. However, a segment also believes that crystals have power the healers claim. They are used in modern technologies like watches, radios, and computers. This proves that they are capable of transmitting energy. It is proved that quartz, made up of silicon dioxide, are capable of generating a charge or voltage. If a person is more likely to believe this claim, he/she look out for solutions from crystal healing.

Some people believe that crystal healing can be carried out as a supportive treatment. It does not have the capability to heal the illness independently. On the other hand, many people have benefited from the practice better than any medical treatment. One simply cannot deny the growing popularity of Healing using crystal. Are you a part of it.

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I have a Masters Degree in Social work. I worked for over 20 years providing mental health services, working with adults and with geriatric patients before opening my own healing and coaching business.

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