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How To Use Kick Shield To Improve Kicking

Author: Elina Jhon
by Elina Jhon
Posted: Sep 20, 2016

When you go out shopping, you will find tons of protective and training equipment for boxing and mixed martial arts. It is not necessary to buy all the stuff you see, more than 90% of the stuff will be useless for you. For boxing you need a punching bag but if you like to kick or improve your kicking technique you will need kick shield. When you are buying focus on quality rather than price because this is one piece of equipment that will take a lot of punishment. If it is not of high quality it won’t last many training sessions.

Kick Shields are like a punch bag for kicks, knees and elbows. They are used to train kicking techniques, but unlike a heavy they can be used with moving objects. Usually 6-8 inches thick, it is made up of different layers of heavy foam padding, while the outermost layers is usually made up of original cowhide leather material due to its high durability.


They come in different forms and shapes. Some shields are flatter while others have a curved surface, it all depends on what kind of kick training you are targeting.

Where it is used and how to use it?

Kick shield is one of the most important piece of training equipment that is used by MMA, Muay-Thai, Taekwondo and many other contact sports that involves using a leg. To train with a kick protector you need a training partner or any stationary object who will hold the shield against the side to allow you to practice different kinds of kicks such as roundhouse kick, spinning hook kick, flying back kick, front-snap kick, side kick, crescent kick, and reverse-crescent kick etc. All these kicks can have a deadly effect if don’t practiced with a kick protector.

The target for kicks are mostly head, chest, rib-cage, inside of the thigh and shin. So when you are practicing with the kicks, you can use them to protect all these areas. Practicing different lengths of kicks is not an issue, you can easily achieve that by asking your partner to hold the shield at appropriate height.

Kick shields can be used to practice against both moving and stationary targets. For stationary targets, the holder will stay in one position while you practice continuously. For moving object training, your holder will not only change his position, but also the position of the shield.

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Elina Jhon is a fitness expert. elina lives in London and loves to go to the gym. She’s a writer and an analysts as well. elina works out regularly and shares useful tips regarding working out and staying healthy.

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