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The advantages of all on four Mexico implants The advantages of all on four Mexico implantss

Author: Sarah Coolen
by Sarah Coolen
Posted: Sep 21, 2016

Now, rather than the traditional dental implants, the all on 4 Mexico implant is seen to be a better treatment for advanced implant cases. There are several reasons why the all on four Mexico implant procedure is advantageous over the traditional method of implants. One of them is the concept itself: the all on four is the revolutionary missing teeth replacement procedure which incorporates four specially designed teeth for each row so that a set of replacement teeth can be attached to them. This is the latest addition in the cosmetic teeth procedures.

The all on four Mexico procedure is one where you do not have to wait for your implants to be set – all the doctors will do at the clinic is remove four decaying teeth as well as attach the set of replacement teeth all in just a day. The method of all on 4 Mexico is both simple, reliable and non-invasive. The process is much less complex, as it utilizes progressive technology, which requires no bone grafting at all, less incisions and less healing time. These kind of implants have also been found to be successful on 95% of the patients.

The traditional dental implants procedure involves the extraction of the decaying teeth with at least a four month healing time. The clients would be forced to wear artificial teeth during this time period, until they are ready for the implants. Moreover, for the complete recovery of the extraction site, a sinus surgery needs to be done. Unlike for the all on four Mexico procedure, the patient will have to wait until recovery from this surgery, to be ready for the traditional implants. As compared to this, the all on 4 Mexico treatment is done in one sitting and under general anesthesia.

Once the implants for the all on four Mexico procedure are placed, the doctor will then consider whether or not you are ready for loading the implant immediately or whether a healing denture is needed. If the all on 4 Mexico implants are stable enough, you will be able to leave the clinic wearing a fixed hybrid denture, which is attached to the implants for maximum support and retention of the dentures. In the case of there being enough support to begin with, surgeons place a plateau bridge support made out of zirconium.

The all on 4 Mexico treatment is both cost-effective as well as much less time consuming. But it is possible that the fees charged for the procedure might be quite high in your country. If you require the all on four Mexico treatment, then you can think about embarking on a dental tourism. This is the process of visiting another country for dental work and therefore being able to stay there for a few days. You can save a large amount of money by getting the implants through certified surgeons in a country which is much cheaper and which will also be a good travel destination. You shall therefore be saving on an already affordable treatment.

Instead of the traditional implant procedure, nowadays patients are opting for the all on four Mexico ( ) dental treatment. The all on 4 Mexico ( ) is a faster, reliable and a more cost effective method.

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