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SitesRUs introducing New Top-Level Domains

Author: Maqsood Rahman
by Maqsood Rahman
Posted: Sep 23, 2016
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SitesRUs is introducing brand new Top-Level Domains a.k.a. nTLDs or gTLDs (generic Top Level Domain). They allow customers to personalize their domain and break away from,.org,.net, etc. With their new domains, customers can be creative and bold, they can choose, or pretty much dot anything they want. These nTLDs will accommodate the individual needs of each potential website owner.

A quick background to how this came to be. Back in 2012, the ICANN or Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers had thought that the 22 existing gTLDs weren’t enough. In effort to cater to the mass growing of internet businesses, organizations, and communities, the ICANN created 1,400 more. This allow websites owner to personalize their web domain as well as an easier way to communicate to their audiences.

As the.COM reaching 30 years, many of the most popular or best domain names had already been registered and taken. In many cases, these popular domain names are taken by squatters who occupied the domain name only to resell them to the highest bidder. Often, they would even hold onto the domain names for years before releasing back to the public or abandoning them. This is frustrating to businesses and forcing them to create unrelated and sometimes extremely unnecessary long domain names of their brand.

Top-Level Domains (TLDs) or gTLDs or nTLDs, however they are being called are part of what people type into the address bar of their web browsers to get to the owner’s website. With these new domains, website address or URLs can now describe the theme or subject of that particular website. For example,.LAW and.RESTAURANT allow visitors to have an idea of what type of website they are about to visit before pressing the "enter" key. This is helpful to those that holds an extremely unusual trademark or brand name.

Other than allowing theme set domain name, there are other benefits of SitesRUs’s Top-Level Domain. One, individuals can specify their web domain and web address that’s fun and easy to remember. Two, this allow businesses and their website to show more likely in search engines based on the keyword of their domain. Three, because of number two, domain owners can attract more potential visitors, customers, and audiences to their website.

With the introduction of nTLDs, individuals can have a fresh chance to get the domain name they want. With the given option in these new Top-Level Domains, website owners can specify their web address by industries, interests, or locations. They can now tell the world percisely what they do, what they are about, and where they do it. There are more options in regards to creating unrelated and long domain names.

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Author: Maqsood Rahman

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