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A Guide to Scoring Pattern of PTE Test

Author: Catherine Walsh
by Catherine Walsh
Posted: Sep 27, 2016

Pearson Test of English is an international computer-based English language test conducted by Pearson PLC group. The test validates and certifies English language ability of international students helping government, professionals, education institutions to assess proficiency and use for admission purposes. Apart from that, a good proficiency test score is needed for visa application, work, and apply for immigration in English speaking countries. The PTE test has won hearts of million takers due to its reliability, flexibility, and faster way of giving results to takers around the globe. The best thing is that scores are accepted in over 6000 organizations like universities, colleges, professionals, governments, and so on globally. Tests can be booked on flexible dates or 363 days a year in over 150 authorized test centers present globally.

Reasons to Know about PTE Scoring Pattern

Preparation for PTE exam India needs to be done according to the syllabus and following key instructions of experts. The test contains four sections: speaking, writing, reading, and listening. In every section, there are separate items and needs preparation accordingly. Before starting your preparation, acquiring knowledge about scoring pattern is needed for takers. Knowledge about the scoring pattern helps in preparation keeping important points in mind.

Key Things to Know About PTE Scores

A PTE Academic test reports three scores of takers as overall scores, communicative skill scores, and enabling scores.

  1. Overall Scores: The overall score is given based on the performance of takers in all items while performing tasks like instructions, questions or prompts, answer opportunities, and scoring rules. There are 20 question types and takers do between 70-91 items in each test. In every item, scores given contribute to the overall score of takers and its range 10-90 points.
  2. Communicative Skill Scores: The communicative skills scores are measured based on the performance of speaking, writing, reading, and listening. Items testing communicative skills also test specific subskills. There are integrated skill items testing skills of two sections in one prompt such as writing and reading, speaking and listening, and so on. The items contribute to communicative skill scores and it ranges from 10-90 points.
  3. Enabling Skill Scores: The enabling skill scores are given to rate in the productive skills of speaking and writing. It is measured in grammar, spelling, oral fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary, and written discourse. The score is given assessing items specifically and it ranges from 10-90 points.

Use 7 Traits for Marking Answers

All answers are evaluated based on 7 pre-defined traits during marking by the intelligent machines. Here are the seven traits that answer should possess:

  • Content
  • Formal agreement
  • Development, structure, and coherence
  • Grammar
  • General linguistic range
  • Vocabulary range
  • Spelling

Answers are checked by machines based on these traits and given rating transformed into scores. This is why takers get a reliable score without any human error or partiality.

Reasons to Use Voucher in Booking PTE Test

The original cost of taking PTE test is $330. It means takers need to spell out that amount taking the test every time. Students often need to take the test repeatedly to get the desired score and be eligible for a particular application. Buy PTE voucher from an official reseller and use in booking the test to get a 10% discount on the original fee. Contact us today to buy a voucher and book the test quickly.

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Catherine Walsh is a content writer at Splashsys Webtech. She loves writing about information technology, fiction, and search engine marketing information. In the free time, she loves exploring the internet to dig out interesting facts and ideas.

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