5 Technologies Used by Physical Therapists for Modern Health Care

Author: Sameer Tendulkar
by Sameer Tendulkar
Posted: Sep 27, 2016

Today, the profession of physiotherapy has moved from being a general part of health care to an intensive alternative part of clinical medicine. This is why companies selling physiotherapy products in India have to provide clinics and medical centers with the right technology. This also means that international brands have found better markets in India.

Since the use of technology in healthcare changes every day, physiotherapy equipment suppliers have to keep up to the latest requirements of the market. While doctors need new equipments for every process from diagnosis to the therapy itself; patients across cities in India have become more aware of modernization in physical therapy.

Here are the top 5 technologies related to physiotherapy products in India which are commonly sought after by the best clinics and physical therapy centers across Indian cities -

1: Neurocare EMG / EEG

While treatment is important, diagnosis and accurately locating a muscular tear or sprain is equally important. Neurocare EMG or EEG stations are getting more common, and help physical therapists and sports medicine professionals to identify a muscular or nerve injury more accurately for better treatment. With these kinds of EMG and EEG systems to get a clearer picture of nerve and muscular impulses, therapists can treat even complicated injuries better.

2: Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is the use of water in different temperature and at different pressure levels to induce physical pressure to muscle zones that aren't accessible by conventional physical therapy. However, remember that only the biggest physiotherapy equipment suppliers in India will have the latest hydrotherapy units which are massive and most complicated machines! Also remember that your equipment supplier should provide you apt maintenance and repair services on such sophisticated technology.

3: Stationary CPX System

A stationary CPX system is the latest way to do an accurate ECG for patients today. These resemble a gym's stationary exercise cycle; but have the attached technology to do cardiopulmonary tests while a person is using the CPX. It is by far considered one of the most accurate machinery for cardiopulmonary tests; and perhaps among the most commonly sold digital high tech physiotherapy products in India.

4: Oversized Treadmill

While your ordinary home treadmill and this massive oversized one is similar in design and function; an oversized treadmill is only available with the biggest and most reputed physiotherapy equipment suppliers in India. They are used in spots centers for athletic testing, and also for special testing like for people on wheelchairs for various kinds of physical training and physiotherapy procedures.

5: MLS Laser Therapy

MLS laser therapy is a trademark technology that makes muscle healing using lasers a portable affair. While such laser therapy for various muscular injuries is available at clinics, and the machines are huge - the portable MLS laser therapy units sold by the best brands are among the most sophisticated physiotherapy products in India.

Looking for one of the biggest physiotherapy equipments suppliers in India with a range of the best products at amazing prices? Biotech is one of the multi-national brands recognized for introducing advanced technology for physical therapy in the country.

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