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Tips To Keep Away Pests from Your Home

Author: Charlie Brown
by Charlie Brown
Posted: Oct 05, 2016

Your happiest moments can be ruined just because of mouse, cockroaches or spider somewhere in your home. A family get together at your place can just be spoiled with a swarm of mosquitoes or a queue of ants. If you want to keep those critters and bugs away from your home, you must know these practices of pest control.

Keep Your Kitchen Clean: Your kitchen floor or the counter can be the ideal place for the insects and the ants. Let them stay away from your home, somewhere outside. Therefore, you should not keep the treasure for them in the kitchen. The floors must be swiped and the counters must be wiped. Make sure you are putting the food away as soon as the work is over and cleaning the trash regularly.

Maintain The Garden: Overgrowth of the trees and bushes are great home for the pests. Make sure you are trimming the bushes and the trees regularly and raking up the debris.

Block The Entries Of The Pests: You should create difficulties for the pests to enter your home. If you find any unexpected holes in your home, just get them repaired. You should also check the windows and the doors, whether there are any gaps or not. The window stripping can be replaced when required.

Consume Vegetables And Fruits: To eliminate insects and pests, you should not let the vegetables and fruits to get over ripened on your kitchen counters. If you do so, you are automatically inviting flies and eliminating them can be a very difficult task for you.

Be Careful Of The Meat Scraps: When you are throwing the meat waste outside, the combination of the hot sun and the rotten meat can easily bring unexpected pests in your yard. If only you are sure that the waste will be cleared within 24 hours after you are throwing it, then only you can throw the meat scraps.

Proper Storage of Firewood: Try preventing the free access of termites in your home. If you are storing wood for your fireplace, try keeping them away from the shed or your home. If you can store it as far as possible from your home, a minimum of five feet distance is recommended. It is also advisable that you store them above the ground, maybe in racks above.

Check Outdoor Furniture: When you are keeping the furniture outside, like the swing sets, you must check them on a regular basis. The corners and the chains must be checked so that there remain no egg sacks or the spider webs. If you find any of them, remove them immediately.

Separate Items For Inside Or outside: Make sure the tables, chairs or the toys which are used outside in your yard are not taken indoors. If you need them to bring indoors, you must clean them by wiping properly.

Avoid Standing Water: For controlling the mosquitoes, you are required to avoid the standing water around your house. The standing water is the suitable place for the mosquitoes to breed. Sometimes you may miss to spot the standing water, so walk throughout the property to keep a check.

Hire Pest Control Service: The pest control service can help you in getting rid of the rodents and bugs which are giving you a headache. They will spray on a regular basis and can chalk out a personalized service.

Whether you are removing the pests on your own or hiring a pest control service, make sure you are following the prevention procedures mentioned above. If you can keep a clean environment within your home, you can surely enjoy the pest-free life.

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