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6 Reasons to Use Infographics as Part of Your Content Marketing Plan

Author: Jed Bans
by Jed Bans
Posted: Oct 06, 2016
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We run a specialist Banner Pens promotional products business and in investigating different strategies for content marketing I came across a competing promotional pen business using a clever infographic on ‘What Different Handwriting Styles Say About Your Personality’ to gain a lot of traction in the online market.

We also have seen a large number of our banner pens customers turning to a form of infographics as part of the promotional campaigns they run with us so I thought it was worth a look at exactly what infographics are and what the benefits of using them are.

There’s a lot of content out there!

Today’s online technology is sensational. Consider how much content is produced each day - 1.5 billion unique pieces of content are created daily. Add another 140 million tweets produced per day, as well as over 2 million video uploads. That said, you can see how easy it is to have your message lost in a sea full of content.

To capture the attention of your target audience, a popular method that surfaced a few years ago was Infographics. Infographics as a visual tool is a dynamic method of showcasing information that can allure your targeted audience, who can easily process the message you’re trying to convey. Rather than trying to talk to them through text, the creative visuals you provide give them content they can absorb more easily and quickly.

If you’re having difficulty with your content marketing strategy and are producing little-to-no conversion traffic, infographics might be worth considering for your plans.

As long as you offer your targeted audiences value, the Infographics have the potential to reach thousands of people quickly through social sharing, and as such, bring new eyes to your brand.

1. You Can Attract New Audiences Through Infographics

People often prefer visuals over text in general. Visual elements tend to catch the eye, more so than words can. Once the optic nerve is activated, it can process over 90% of data it is exposed to. Text often doesn’t catch the imagination and attention of your target audience, whereas the imagery in an Infographic most certainly can.

If mixed with verbiage that is well-written, Infographics can be a strong utility to aid in getting your content seen amidst a sea of data. For the most part, people are interested in stats, facts, and figures, and if that data is presented in an illustrated format, you’ll really grab their attention.

2. You Can Increase Your Brand Awareness with Infographics

When being posted online the infographics generally feature the advertiser’s website, logo, email and other contact info. This really is an effective approach to increase both website traffic and brand awareness. Infographics do more than just tell people about your company, they illustrate what your company is all about with a combination of color, pictures and words, which is more alluring than a simple paragraph of text could ever be.

3. Your Infographics Have the Ability to Go Viral

What makes Infographics so mesmerizing is their ability to allure just about everyone, no matter what the topic is. If the subject is something the reader cares about, they’ll likely share it with others on their favorite social media account. This could make your Infographic go viral, exposing your brand to new eyes in mass.

The success that one of our competitors had with their infographic came from their ability to tap in to a wide audience (everyone that has handwriting) and have their infographic shared by numerous other websites as interesting news that they could on-share with their audience. Their reach was far and wide and much better than just talking about promotional pens.

4. Infographics Can Make Your Message Easier to Understand

Infographics make data and research easy to understand in a short amount of time. Researchers have determined that detailed and clear pictures are more important to at least 67% of consumers, and are likely to capture their interest and attention better than ratings, product descriptions, and other content that is text-based.

With so much data traveling online each day, your targeted audience would rather have small-yet-relevant pieces of visual content they can process easily. Long-winded paragraphs may scare some of them away.

5. Infographics Can Surpass Digital Marketing

Infographics have become so popular that they can also be seen on brochures, print materials, and other offline utilities that company owners use as part of their overall marketing strategy.

In our banner pens business, we are seeing increasing numbers of customers use infographics and pictorial displays to get their messages across and provide valuable content to their customers. Our customers are using banner pens as a way to promote their content to specific customer bases and have the messages constantly in front of their target markets – providing valuable information and resources that they can come back to time and time again.

6. Infographics Establish Your Brand as an Authority of Your Niche

To showcase information in an easy to interpret platform, Infographics utilize graphs, tables, charts and more. This represents how much research the author puts into creating the content. To the reader, this makes the advertiser an authority of their niche. Illustrated facts can raise your online reputation and credibility as the owner of a business in a specific field.

In such a competitive marketplace saturated with content, the secret to being successful online is to capture the attention of your target audience. The use of Infographics is an efficient approach to achieving this goal. By using interesting, appealing and educational visual elements, Infographics can be an effective tool for digital marketers and business owners.

In a world dominated by online marketing and messages, it’s important that we look for other avenues to display our important messages (eg. Infographics) and possibly other offline avenues (eg. Banner pens) as ways of getting our businesses to stand out and position ourselves as industry experts with a wealth of industry knowledge that can help our customer base.

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