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Avantika University: Spearheading the shift in Design Centered Education!

Author: Gaurav Peshkar
by Gaurav Peshkar
Posted: Oct 06, 2016

Fusing design in all walks of life is becoming an essential element of everything we do today. For Education, an approach that focuses on creating solutions and experiences to help solve societal problems is pertinent in the current era. A design-centered approach to learning for a variety of disciplines help students to develop and incorporate fundamentals from technical, functional and practical verticals to well understand the digital or physical space.

Avantika University is the front runner in creating this revolution by integrating the spirit of ‘Design Thinking’. An MIT, Pune initiative, the university is poised to be the first design centered university in the country. Set in Ujjain, Avantika University aims to incorporate the liberal teaching principles in its teaching methodology, at one of the oldest learning cities of the country. India is widely known for its rich culture and liberal education at various centers like Nalanda, Takshashila, Benaras and Ujjain among others. These centers have held a reputation for attracting the best of minds from the entire globe. These educational centers were instrumental in shaping the institutional structure which at this age stands as pillars for modern Indian education.

With the ‘Design Thinking’ ideology, Avantika University aims to develop the young minds into enlightened citizens. By inculcating a unique coursework, Avantika will blend meaningful design, technology and architecture disciplines under one roof. To break away from the rat race, Avantika University offers a healthy mix of unique teaching experience and learning quantum which is bound to shape individuals into becoming innovators and entrepreneurs. With a team of passionate professionals hailing from various fields like engineering, design among various others, Avantika is bound to create a wonderful learning center that will create individuals with a global view. By laying emphasis on critical thinking, the students will get the opportunity to develop their creative and analytical skills. The university aims to develop the holistic personality of learners who is adept with problem-solving abilities.

By offering both bachelor's and master's programs in Design, Technology,Architecture, Avantika University looks at spearheading the ‘Design Thinking’ approach across all its disciplines. By having an open atmosphere integrated with project work and internship opportunities, the students are encouraged to ideate and create a better world around them.

Through all these factors, one can clearly attest that Avantika University is bound to bring about a paradigm shift in ‘Design Thinking’ ideology unlike no other institution in the country.

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Gaurav Peshkar I am a Professional Blogger and Content Writer for Avantika University.

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