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How to Achieve a Higher Score in PTE Exam?

Author: Catherine Walsh
by Catherine Walsh
Posted: Oct 13, 2016

Pearson test of English is an international test used to assess and certify proficiency of non-speakers globally. It is a computer-based test and conducted by Pearson PLC Group. The test offers a complete of assessment of takers in the English language quickly.

Advantage of Taking PTE Exam

The test scores of PTE test are accepted by over 6000 organizations such as governments, employers, immigration agency, and education institutions globally. Taking the test is a fast, reliable, and secure way of assessing the English proficiency for takers. It helps students who are in a bit of hurry for getting exam result. This is because the PTE exam results are given within 5 working days. Takers can send the scores to reputed institutions for evaluation. Thus taking the PTE exam India, students enjoy a higher chance of getting admission in a reputed institution for further studies. The test can be booked on flexible dates 363 days a year at 150 authorized centers globally.

Reasons to Achieve Higher Score

Non-speakers need to demonstrate English language ability while applying for a visa, work, studies, and immigration. There are several agencies conducting tests and validating proficiency of international students globally.

The English proficiency of PTE is divided into three categories as competent level, proficient level, and superior level. Proficient level of English is the minimum requirement to be eligible for a particular application in most of the cases. A higher score is needed by takers looking to study, work, or immigration in a foreign country. In short, starting a successful career in a foreign country depend on a lot upon the proficiency score.

Preparation Tips for PTE Exam

No proficiency test is easy. Similarly, PTE exam needs a good preparation and guidance from experts to achieve a higher score. The PTE test contains four sections as speaking, writing, reading, and listening. Start preparing according to sections and items of the test to improve the overall score.

It is a 3-hour single sitting test conducted online in authorized centers. There are 20 different question formats from real life, academic contents, and combined questions reflecting life activities. Dedicated efforts and rigorous practices are needed to get the desired scores. Follow all the guidelines as given in the test in preparation and answering the prompts.

Here are the top tips needed by takers to prepare well for the exam:

  • Focus on improving oral fluency and pronunciation
  • Buy latest study material for good preparation
  • Avoid grammatical errors like unnecessary use of the article, full stop, capital letters, etc.
  • Improve vocabulary and construction of sentences
  • Respond quickly and continue speaking without stopping
  • Maintain word limit in answering questions and paraphrasing
  • Buy kits for rigorous practices
  • Register online to conduct mock test regularly
  • Find our weaker section to practice and get improvements
  • Take coaching from language experts for guidance
  • Practice on expired version of exam to know the real question format

Why Use PTE Voucher for Booking Test?

The PTE test has become a popular way of testing proficiency of international students. Takers need to spend $330 every time in taking the exam. Taking the PTE test repeatedly cause financial constraints for the students. Buy PTE voucher and use in booking the test to avoid financial problems. Every voucher contains a code which can be used to book the test at 10% discount on the original fee. Contact us today to buy a voucher and book the test immediately.

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Catherine Walsh is a content writer at Splashsys Webtech. She loves writing about information technology, fiction, and search engine marketing information. In the free time, she loves exploring the internet to dig out interesting facts and ideas.

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