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Google Penalties and how to avoid trouble

Author: T. K.
by T. K.
Posted: Oct 13, 2016
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How to avoid Google penalties and what are the different penalties that are currently in place

You are new to Google and new to Google Search Engine optimization. Many people want to learn about this skill because it is a skill that can help you get great attention, great growth in sales and therefore great growth to your business. Google is one of the biggest search engine in the world and in Singapore, it is the leading search engine that people here use and this is great for any business if they are ranking well on the search engine. A website that is ranking well can get thousands if not hundreds of clicks and this leads can lead to sales and sales will lead to more money for the person involved or business involved.

Those who have been with Google for quite a while will definitely know that there has been quite some changes as opposed to the Google that was founded many years ago. In the past, purely links will bring you to the top of Google and lots of riches. You don’t really need to have high quality content and you can still be able to rank and make lots of traffic and therefore lots of money by just cheating the system and get away with it.

Not when the Google animals came about. Google penguin and panda were the two fearful animals that Google came up with that disrupted the whole industry and changes the face of this game.

Google Panda is the first to be introduced and it made those websites with thin to almost no content irrelevant to the rankings. Remember, Google wants to serve high quality websites to their clients and this is something that they have always committed to delivering. If you do not have good content and repeat keywords just to get search engine attention, you will be penalized. Google Panda made sure the website had good content and blogs regularly about a certain topic and therefore gives it more value and more attention.

Google Penguin on the other hand looks into the next signal that is important to Google that made it what it is today. Links are what drives Googles rankings and having too much of a certain kind of links is not good. Having it enter too fast into your website is not good either.

So how do you avoid getting into trouble with Google with those animals?

  1. Do not over use keywords
  2. Have great content
  3. Well research content with good references is always good, link out to good references
  4. Build links slow and steady
  5. Build links from legit sources
  6. Build links that are not bought
  7. High quality links are strongly preferred

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T.K is an avid writer on business topics, he works with SEO Geek Singapore

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