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Author: Sia Benet
by Sia Benet
Posted: Oct 13, 2016

Many consumers focus on the benefits they get out of a product, but few consider the process that has led to the development of the product in the first place. There are quite a few styles of flooring options on the market, but few of them will rise up to meet eco friendly standards. Take the time to explore these options before buying, you may find that something that sounds good on your floor may not be so good for the environment.

For instance, most consumers put an emphasis on the quality of a product, but they should look into the process that provides this quality as well. Just as anyone who wants a comfortable home should start from the ground up, from working on the blue prints with an architeque or working off a floor plan that meets their needs to the finished construction.

Not all finished products utilized a earth friendly process of manufacturing. Take for instance how many trees are clear cut to provide wood for hard wood floors or how many quarries and pits are dug to produce stones. What kind of impact does this have on our environment?

What is a friendly cork floor? First look into what cork actually is. Most people are unaware that cork is the bark taken from the cork oak tree, a species found mainly in the Mediterranean region. The bark was originally used as wine bottle stoppers. But did you know that it is one of the most sustainable natural resources in the construction industry. No cork oak is felled to obtain its material. The bark is carefully harvested by trained professionals once every 10 or so years, as the industry is strictly regulated. This seems like a long time, but it is worth the wait and you can be sure the results you get from eco friendly flooring will not disappoint. One cork oak can provide upwards of 20 harvests in its lifetime. Cork therefore is a natural material, the same as other hardwoods.

On top of that the rest of the manufacturing process for cork construction products is done as clean as possible. This means the additives to create cork planks and tiles are earth friendly too.

Don’t let the fact that cork is an eco friendly material be the only reason to choose cork. Look into the benefits this innately wonderful material brings to any space. Cork can bring many favorable qualities into your home, such as sound and thermal insulation, reduction of mold, mildew and other allergens, even present you with a water resistant wood based floor.

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