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Advantages of eBook Conversion Services over Online Conversion Tools

Author: Mike Wilsonn
by Mike Wilsonn
Posted: Oct 14, 2016
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If you are an avid reader and keep yourself updated with new releases in the realm of books, eBook conversion might not sound too mysterious to you. It is hard to imagine the effort put in designing a file that will run smoothly on different devices.

ePub is the standard eBook file format. It is responsive and fits the screen size of any e-reader, PC, tablet or smartphone. The text and image elements in an ePub file format align themselves dynamically as per the device they are viewed upon. Fixed-layout ePub files allow the design of illustrated books to remain fixed while being simultaneously compatible on different device platforms.

eBook is an important part of an author’s publishing process. Some hire conversion specialists to produce their eBooks, while others use an automated conversion tool available online to get their eBook format in ePub format. Here are few tips before you opt for either one of them:

Why Should You Opt For Ebook Conversion Service?
  • Accessibility: If you are looking for an eBook developer, you expect a smooth eBook design, bespoke conversion methods, and an effective QA process. But making your eBook readily accessible to its readers is quintessential. A developer converts the file and then edits the code for semantics, clean coding practices, and simplifies the CSS (a style sheet used for describing the look and formatting of a document), thus, ensuring that your eBook is complete.

  • Evolving Conversion Code Base: The process of eBook conversion keeps evolving. In 2014, Adobe InDesign introduced a new export feature that allows you to export a fixed-layout (children books or cookbooks) with just a few clicks. It came as a respite for developers, who otherwise had to go through an elaborate and complex process to export such books. Only iBooks and a few Kobo readers have accepted these books, but the market looks optimistic.

  • Detailed page layout: The eBook conversion specialist can include footnotes, block quotes, typography, and practically take care of every other kind of layout and formatting including metadata, cover specifications, and ‘if’ and ‘where’ to include a table of contents.

  • Epub3 Conversion Services: Many major distributors have adopted ePub3 file format. It’s flexible navigation system, eBook landmarks, easy-to-use cross references, and multimedia enhancements gives the reader an enriching eBook experience.

Essentially, for an author, his work is art. An eBook conversion specialist understands that and handcrafts an eBook version which is smooth and compatible on all readers and devices.

Are Online eBook Conversion Tools Efficient?

There are a number of conversion tools available to authors and publishers. Some are standalone applications (like Calibre, Kindle kid’s Book Creator, etc.) and some are offered through websites and eBook distributors. This means they are not reliable. Even when some tools show intuitive features, they can only take an eBook so far.

For example, Caliber generates an ePub or Mobi file once you upload your text or PDF document. It offers a random array of options to customize your eBook. But does it guarantee that it will work on all devices or be accepted by eBook distributors and stores? No! On the other hand, if you upload your Word file to kindle or Kobo, it gets converted to a mobi or epub file but offers no option for customization.

In both cases, the author loses the picture of his final eBook layout with no guarantee if the book will survive the changing eBook code base. Moreover, due to use of a standalone application, the eBook will contain a lot of extraneous proprietary code. Thus, if you need to add or remove something from the book in the future, you will need to start from scratch.

Thus, eBook conversion services might be a lot more helpful than a few online tools!

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Mike Wilson is a professional content writer and a part-time blogger. He loves writing and marketing techniques as well as non-technical articles and blogs. He writes unbiased and informative articles and reviews on the verity of categories.

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