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Best Tips For Staying Motivated Throughout the Day

Author: Sameer Tendulkar
by Sameer Tendulkar
Posted: Oct 21, 2016
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Having a slow and lazy work day? So stressed out you can't focus on work? Need some instant and effective motivation? Here are 5 short motivational quotations and how they can help you stay motivated throughout the day:

1 : "How can I know what I think till I see what I say?" - E. M. Forster

This can be considered among the best motivational quotes in the English language, but may be quite confusing to the reader at first! This short motivational quotation from E.M. Forster places decision making at a critical point. If you do not visualize your words before you act, you would not be able to know your thoughts clearly. To remain motivated all day, make sure that you clearly visualize your plans before acting.

2 : "Always speak politely to an enraged Dragon." - Steven Brust

As short motivational quotations go, none are perhaps more precise than these wise words from Steven Brust. People get angry, but as one of the most simple quotations to understand, this is among the best motivational quotes because it places the facts most bluntly. Anger begets anger, so to remain motivated, face anger with a calm and clear head. An "Enraged" dragon might be your superior, colleague, or client - but your composure will ensure success!

3 : "Laziness may appear attractive, but work gives satisfaction." - Anne Frank

Perhaps one of the world's favorite short motivational quotations, this is also among the world's best motivational quotes. Anne Frank lets us know that while laziness is the best way to be, and nobody enjoys working all the time, work itself is so much more inspiring than anything else. Without work, our idleness gets to us - and this perhaps most important to pick up upon!

4 : "Business is a combination of war and sport." - Andre Maurois

This is crisp, clear, and one of the best motivational quotes ever because it is so simple for someone who knows even the basics of the English Language! You cannot use more simple lines to explain business - conformity and conduct but aggressive competitiveness is what runs this world of business and finance. These words help us keep motivated and not lose faith in our abilities even if our partners or clients are giving us a hard time!

5 : "Freedom is just Chaos, with better lighting." - Alan Dean Foster

Short motivational quotations can't get more simple, and yet be as crystal as this! Chaos in our lives help make it interesting; but freedom needs to have clarity and objectives. When freedom is left unchecked, it causes utter chaos which would ruin your work. To remain inspired throughout the day, make sure that you keep "Better Lighting" within the chaos to be productive and motivated at work.

Looking for more of the best motivational quotes online? has some of the most philosophical words in English to help you keep motivated throughout the day!

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