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Get cosmetic dentistry done by Dr. John Fagbemi

Author: Melany Malot
by Melany Malot
Posted: Oct 22, 2016

Cosmetic dentistry is no more than an extension of the general principles of dentistry. However, it is not merely about looking good. It also helps in improving your dental health and wellness. After cosmetic dentistry, it will be easier to take care of your teeth. The physical results of such dentistry, such as braces, are evident to the onlookers. On top of that, it facilitates oral hygiene and the process of brushing. Dr. John Fagbemi runs a clinic wherein he specialises in such cosmetic dentistry. There are many kinds of treatments offered by Dr John Fagbemi.

Cosmetic dental treatment has evolved to be better and more effective, pain-free and successful. It is also a quicker process now. Certain kinds of treatments such as teeth whitening offered by Dr. John Fagbemi are almost painless and do not even require use of anaesthetic. There are other procedures, such as dental implants, which require a lot of precision. It helps to consult doctors like Dr John Fagbemi who are qualified experts to make the process as pain free as possible for the client. With his initial investigation the patient starts feeling relaxed and when he explains the procedure they are relieved of the stress.

Other than the obvious fact about making oral hygiene easier, cosmetic dentistry helps boost confidence. Through such a process, you will be able to smile without being conscious of your teeth. You will easily get rid of discoloured, crooked and chipped teeth if these have affected your self-esteem before. Dr. John Fagbemi works on braces, teeth straightening and other kinds of orthodontics to give you the beautiful smile that you deserve. Dr John Fagbemi used Invisalign which is a revolutionary solution for teeth straightening. These are aligners which gradually move into your teeth, eliminating use of embarrassing brackets and wires.

Cosmetic dentistry is ideal when it comes to teeth whitening. In the same way as in the clinic of Dr. John Fagbemi, you can get in-office teeth whitening done. This can be compared to the kind of treatments you get in the stores. In-office teeth whitening will be safe, consistent and have satisfying results. A cosmetic dentist such as Dr John Fagbemi will be able to whiten your teeth according to your teeth, which means that tooth sensitivity can be eliminated. If your tooth has more decay than a filling can repair, cosmetic dentistry is the solution. You can opt for dental crowns if you are faced with this kind of problem.

Dental implants are an important part of cosmetic dentistry and it is a procedure which is practised by Dr. John Fagbemi as well. Capable of replacing one or multiple teeth, dental implants can come to your rescue as they can resemble your teeth perfectly and even bear the same colour. Immediate load implants are now a thing and there are many procedures within the dental implant category itself that are used for clients. Some implants can be fitted in a day at the dental clinic. You will require the professional expertise of doctors such as Dr John Fagbemi in order to make your implants successful.

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