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How to Throw an Art Exhibition for Your Child

Author: Sally Wilkinson
by Sally Wilkinson
Posted: Oct 24, 2016

Does your little one seem to have a talent for the arts? Then you should do whatever you can to nurture and encourage that talent. A good way to do this is to help your child hold their very own art exhibition. This is a great way to give him or her more confidence. It can be a very validating and rewarding experience and can help them to develop their skills further. You never know, you might have a child whose art will one day grace the walls of the Louvre. Here is how you can throw a great exhibition to show off and even sell some your child’s works of art.

Pick a Place

If you plan on inviting a lot of friends and family, you might want to have an outside venue. If not, you can always just rearrange the furniture and display the art in your own home. You don’t need to throw a big exhibition and invite the public if it’s a first showing. It might be best to wait till your child picks up some steam with their art and interests.

Buy Frames and Stands

If your child has a lot of paintings, you can buy standard or custom frames online. Get your child to pick them out rather than choose them yourself. It is, after all, their artwork, and chances are that they will know better than you about what frames will complement their pictures! You can buy stands for sculptures and other 3D creations, or you can display them on tables.

Decide on Money Matters

Are you going to charge the customers entry or will you simply leave a donation box for anyone to put what they please? Alternatively, if your child is up for it, your friends and family can buy paintings and sculptures that they like. Make sure you clearly inform the guests well in advance about what you have decided. If you are charging entry, keep the sum low and be sure to mention it in the invitation. A donation box may be better as highly enthusiastic fans might give larger sums. Make sure that the guests also know where their money will be going. Ideally, you should donate it to charity or put it into a savings account for your child. It is, after all, what they have earned.

Plan the Day and Send out Invitations

Make a guest list with your child. Be sure to pick a day or days on which most people will be free. The earlier you send out invites, the more guests you can expect as people will not likely have other plans. A weekend is ideal, and you can have the place open all day for people to come and go when it is most convenient for them. You can make it feel more professional and offer little mocktails or apple soda in champagne glasses, just like in the contemporary art galleries. Let your child handwrite or make the invitations themselves. It will be a nice touch and will give guests a small taste of what to expect.

This is an opportunity for your child to learn about what they can accomplish and how valuable their dreams and talents are.

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