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Understanding Which Type Of USA Employment Based Visa Is Best Suited For You

Author: Alexis Watson
by Alexis Watson
Posted: Oct 26, 2016
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America is always called the land of dreams and its versatile immigration policy of admitting foreign workers with skills has been fruitful tools to drive economic growth. With the growth of the IT industry and the Silicon Valley in the early years of 2000 has made it an apt place for skilled immigrant population to come to United States and fulfill their great American dream.

Though the opportunity provided by US is vast and pervasive for talent workforce but the visa guidelines have to be aptly understood to take the opportunity. As per the law there are primarily two forms of classification for Employment Based Visa For USA which you can apply depending upon your nature of work. It is always advised to take an attorney help with whom any of your friends had earlier worked. The criticality of process, submission of multiple documents and adhering to timelines is very important so that you don’t face the chances of denial any stage.

First it is important to understand the broader classification of the Employment based visa before you apply for one. In the temporary employment classification-

There are mainly four types of visa categories which are as given below:

a) H1B visa: Mainly suitable for professionals in Specialty Occupation. A visa holder under this category first awarded for a period of 3 years which in a later stage can be extended for 6 years. Under this category the maximum quota per year is 65000 applicants who would be given each year.

b) H-2A Visa: Another kind of temporary employment visa meant for agricultural workers from specific designated county. The maximum stay allowed under it is 3 years and there is no limits in the number of applicants who would get this kind of visa

c) H-2B Visa :This type of visa is for seasonal non agricultural workers with a maximum limit of 65000 people would be allotted every year

d) L1A & L1B visa: if you are working in a subsidiary of a US based corporation or you run enterprise in US whose employees are place across different geographies and you want them to be transferred to the US office for some special assignment, L-1A & L-1B are the types of visa categories to be looked into.

On the other hand permanent employment visa is based upon preference system of ability and the preferences are further categorized into

a) Priority workers

b) Professionals with advanced degrees or exceptional ability

c) Skilled Workers, professionals and unskilled workers

d) Certain special immigrants

The classification system and further categorization can help you find for yourself the right visa where your requirement falls. So next time when you are looking to hire professional Immigration Lawyer New York from outside the country, So based upon the term of your employment and skills that you carry and based upon the above explanation can help you understand which employment based US visa category would more helping you in reaching your American dream.

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