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How to Find the Best Medical Transcription Service

Author: William Tyler
by William Tyler
Posted: Oct 26, 2016

Medical transcription companies have been a part of the medical practice for many years. They assist in the process of taking the vocal recording of a physician and transforming it into text. A medical transcription specialist is a person who is trained to listen to the recording or live voice of a physician and type their words into print for use in several areas.

Today, there are three basic types of transcription services;

  • In-House Transcription
  • Outsourcing to Medical Transcription Companies
  • Voice Recognition Software that Translate Voice to Written Word

Finding the right type for your particular needs is paramount to getting the most out of such services. What you need to take into account is not only the expense, but the accuracy of the translation services themselves that will meet your particular needs.

In-House Transcription

This is usually performed by a medical transcription specialist who is hired directly by the physician. They may be a part of the physician’s office and have other duties depending on how much transcription is required for their practices. The benefits include having a trusted and trained person doing the transcription. However, they can be rather expensive as you must pay regular fees or have them on a salary.


Here, you send your voice recordings to a transcription company. They will take your recordings and translate them into text all for a set price per line, although that may vary. The advantages include the overall quality control employed to ensure accuracy and efficiency in getting the transcription performed properly.

Voice Recognition Software

In recent years, digital voice recognition software has made a strong impact on transcription services thanks to the accuracy that has been developed. In many small practices, the physician may use such software because it is the most inexpensive option. In addition, they can actually see the words form on the screen as they speak so that they can catch any inaccuracies. The downside is that the software system has to be learned, the actual recording is slower and more time spent on correcting inaccurate words by physician. But for many physicians it is worth because it is so inexpensive to use.

How to Choose the Best Medical Transcription Service

If you decide that a company is needed to do the transcription, there are several elements you will need to research to ensure you hire the right medical transcription service provider.

  • Expense
  • Specific Experience
  • Turnaround Time
  • Integration with your EHR
  • Oversight
  • Additional Services

All of these factors come into play when you hire the best of the medical transcription companies. Keep in mind that you can also hire a medical transcription specialist if you prefer to have a single person do the job. By examining all the proper attributes, you can select the right one to do the job. In this manner, you get the best Online Medical transcription services that fit the need of your practice. - Medical transcription specialist provides Medical Transcription Services with excellent TAT and accuracy of 98.5% - we are the best. If you are not satisfied it is free.

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