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Tips to help you boost your energy for a more productive day in the office

Author: Charlie Brown
by Charlie Brown
Posted: Oct 28, 2016

A busy session at the office, even just for a few hours, can really drain your energy. While coffee is good, it may not be enough to sustain you throughout the day. You may therefore be looking to do something different that will take you till the end of the day. The good news is that you can find a few tips to follow that will keep you energized throughout the day.

The tips are such that they are easy to incorporate into your schedule without any problems. You will not have to change much of your work schedule in order to follow the tips below:

Start with the important meal of the day

Many people overlook what they have for breakfast or skipit altogether. Ensure that you get a healthy breakfast full of fiber and proteins. This is the best way that you will go to work with enough energy to start you off. You will notice that you will work longer and concentrate better for a better part of the day. You will just need to boost your depleting energy as the day goes.

Take short breaks between assignments

Instead of waiting to take long breaks once or twice during the day, take many shorter breaks. This means that your mind is not overwhelmed by getting too much. The short breaks will allow you to breath and release any pent up stress or anxiety. You can snack during the breaks, take breathing exercises or any other activity that you feel relaxes you. The short breaks will allow you to unwind, so you will not spend all your energy at once as you replenish it faster.

Have the right snack with you

Snacks allow you to restore the energy you utilize. Sweet treats such as candy and other quick snacks may not offer you the energy you need. Go for filling fig energy bars that allow you to restore back your energy while at the same time offering you the right nutrients that you need. You can also snack on fruits, berries or nuts. Go for snacks that are healthy but will give you the energy you need to thrive. Time your snack time well to keep your body energy levels replenished at all times.

Work smart by prioritizing

Do not take on too much at once. Instead, prioritize your work load and set reasonable deadlines. The deadlines should allow you to work without rushing, so you can cover more within a reasonable time. Arranging your work schedule will allow you to concentrate on the most important tasks at the moment and work your way steadily through your workload.

Take a short walk

Exercise is good for you. Even when busy, take five minutes and walk away from your desk, especially so during your short breaks. The exercise allows you to clear your head and to release any stress. If you cannot walk outside, walk to a different part of the office block and back.

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