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What is Water Soluble Fertilizer?

Author: Raviraj Mane
by Raviraj Mane
Posted: Oct 28, 2016

When it comes to nutrition management for plants, one of the most popular methods is to use the water soluble fertilizer (WSF). Plants of good quality can e grown only with the help of the right nutrients, soil conditions and climate. For example, tomato plant needs a specialty fertilizer when water is sprayed. The best method involves fertigition and the right WSF is responsible for a bumper crop. Ready to know more about growing the best tomato produce and other plants.

Formula makes the difference

In any food recipe often the right ingredients and their proportion are responsible for the success. The same analogy applies also to growing plants. The formula makes the difference. Many farmers who grow produce that is lapped even before it leaves the fields have their secret formulas. Are they using some specialty fertilizer as part of the nutrition management? What kind of water soluble fertilizer are they using to get good quality crop season after season? The secret lies in the right blend of chemicals. Experienced farmers know which quality of ferts will be useful. When it comes to the tomato produce, if the nitrogen content is high then plant will be very green. Good to look at but its nutritive value is lacking. This crop requires a water soluble fertilizer that will be low on nitrogen and high in phosphorus and medium-high potassium. The ratio of 8-32-16 or even 6-24-24 will be good. Companies who sell the fets will have labels on the packaging. If the fert has other ingredients then the ratio will differ. In growing tomato, urea and ammonium nitrate should not figure as part of nutrition management. However, the right water soluble fert will make the difference.

Understanding water based fertilizers

When a nutritive recipe is made with a water base, it is the most useful application for several plants. The ingredients dissolve into the liquid (water) and the product can be sprayed across crops. The process is easy and beneficial in the following ways:


All plants get nutrition evenly when the fertilizer is sprayed.


It is labor saving.


Liquid fertilizers have the advantage of being applied directly.


Water based are considered primary ferts that are essential to most crops.


Usually nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium are the main ingredients used in WSF.


They are affordable for single farmers and also group farming

Specialty fertilizer highlights

There are different kinds of WSFs. Not all plants require the same kind of irrigation techniques. Hence, the formulas for ferts differ to suit the crop. For example, the tomato cultivation requires a specific application of a water soluble fertilizer. The instructions on the label have to be followed for best results. The timing of the application is also important to enhance the quality of the produce. The fert can be used weekly or every two weeks depending on the strength of the application used. It is important that the plants are not shocked-this process applies for most plantations.

water soluble fertilizer

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