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All You Need To Know: 7 Tips for a Wake Boarding Beginner

Author: Fly Fish
by Fly Fish
Posted: Sep 08, 2017

Wakeboarding is a contemporary form of water sports; similar to skiing. The concept originated with a boat towing a person on two planks floating on a water body. Wake-boarding as a sport has significantly evolved in the last 30 years. From a mixture of water skiing and skateboarding on land; the unusually exciting feeling is bigger than any other sport ever played.

Wakeboarding acts like the quick adrenaline rush to get things done. The sport itself is easy to learn and will give you a quick fix. The best wakeboard boat will carry you along the steep water curves, building up the confidence and keep you satisfied regardless of what your prior exposure to waterboarding has been. The board fuels its own addiction once taken out on the waterway.

There are certain things to keep in mind before becoming an expert in wakeboarding.

1. Wetsuit

Even the best wakeboard boats require individuals to take all kinds of safety measure. The initial lessons allow you to stay inside water more than outside. Usually, depends on the time of the year or how courageous you are for wearing a wetsuit for keeping your body warm in the water.

2. Impact Vest

An impact vest in an essential asset to the wakeboard beginner. It protects your body from heavy falls and provides a buoyancy aid. The initial wakeboard lessons require you to wear inner vests with much more buoyancy.

3. Wear the Helmet

Helmets are as important for a beginner as they are for a mighty talented wakeboarder. Always go for a multi-sport helmet suitable for all kinds of water and land sports such as snowboarding, mountain biking to name a few.

4. Bindings

It is definitely a good feeling when you own a personal wakeboard however, that doesn’t come without expenses. You need to make that you are ready to invest into a worthy purchase, a wakeboard suitable to the type of wakeboarding you will prefer doing in the future.

After getting on the water surface:

5. Carving

Gentle carving of the heels while wake-boarding is highly essential. When you tend to put your heel or toes under pressure from one side, the weight will dig an edge into the water and the boat will move into the direction you want it to.

6. Keep Switching

You have the option of switching your foot between riding the wakeboard boat. Instead of using you're either of you left/right handedness, put out your non-natural foot and maneuverer the boat they way you want.

7. Ollie Board

An Ollie on the wakeboard is quite similar to the on any skate or snowboard. The idea involves jumping the concrete hurdles on the water bodies. Start with an imaginary practice of jumping rails before moving on the real task. Read more

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