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High tech or Classic - What makes YOUR perfect bathroom?

Author: Anna Preston
by Anna Preston
Posted: Nov 03, 2016

When it comes to style in our homes we all have our very own individual ideas on what works and what doesn’t. Some people favour the more traditional classic feel whilst others prefer something that is modern, edgy and filled with all sorts of clever time saving tech. When it comes to bathrooms this is certainly the case. In the same way that Items like clothing go in and out of fashion year after year the same is true about interior design; the must have bathrooms of one year will soon be replaced with another design that everyone wants. We all love looking at pictures in glossy brochures and planning what sort of house we would have if space and money were no object so if you were able to choose your dream bathroom, from the ceramic tiles to the bronze mirrors just what sort would it be?

High tech bathrooms

So what is a high tech bathroom? Of course a good part of the answer is one that contains lots of high tech gadgets and gizmos, and there are certainly quite a few of those on the market at the moment. But really it is far more than that, a high tech bathroom is likely to be very sleek, with clean lines and elegant but simple bathroom fittings. Ornate fixtures will have no place in this type of bathroom.

In keeping with the theme of high tech the fixtures and fittings may be more squared in shape, angles and corners a very definite part of the design. The colour scheme is also likely to conform to this with just a few simple shades, no distraction from the clever tech solutions but rather something that serves to enhance the overall effect.

Classic Bathrooms

When you think of classic bathrooms, you picture freestanding baths with roll tops and claw feet. Ornate, possibly over the top, taps and big ornate mirrors. Here you are more likely to see a more muted colour scheme, subtle colours that blend well together. Marble tiles, like those from the stunning Versace collection, would definitely be a home in a classic bathroom. The emphasis here will be more on space and light; this is a timeless style that never really dates.

What makes the perfect bathroom?

Things that you would have in your perfect bathroom will probably give you a good indication whether you are high tech or classic in your tastes. Do you want a bathroom where you can relax in a deep bubble bath, with dim lighting and feel the stresses of your day just melt away? Or are you the sort of person who prefers to dive into the shower and stand under the multiple jets of a power shower, whilst you unwind.

Whatever makes your perfect bathroom, planning and design will still be the key. Make sure that you have plenty of opportunities to incorporate those high tech gadgets or classic fixtures in the end it really does all boil down to personal choice.

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