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5 Important Winter Safety & Snow Removal Tips

Author: Lawn Father
by Lawn Father
Posted: Nov 05, 2016
removing snow

Snowfall is pretty beautiful, until it start causing discomfort. Snowballs all around a home offers a naturally magnificent look. Many of us love snow, but for those who have to go outside for work it is a great trouble. In winter months, removing snow and ice is an essential activity. Many homeowners, who have less open yard, swipes away the ice themselves. For those who have a large and wider area, needs to hire professional snow removal services Calgary.

Since snow is slippery, there are severe chances of getting serious injuries. The severity may range from small blisters to fractures. Therefore, if one is opting DIY snow shoveling, its important to follow safe procedures.

Few tips to keep in mind while removing snow are:

  1. Find Whether You Should Shovel: Snow shoveling isn't an easy task. One needs to be strong to work with equipments and should know how to balance on snow. If you think you cannot grip better on ice, don't risk yourself for an injury. If you are one who certainly falls ill in extreme cold weather, avoid working with snow.
  2. Dress Appropriately: Those who love shoveling, often forget to cover them completely. Before tempting to run out for practicing ice removing, cover up yourself to avoid injuries and sickness. Its recommended to dress in layers, so that you can easily remove the clothing in case, you feel hot by working hard. Always wear warm socks, a scarf, and gloves along with waterproof boots that have a slip-resistant sole.
  3. Warm Up: Before beginning the shoveling process, activate your muscles by warming up for at least ten minutes. Opt to do full body stretches and other light exercises. It's been proved that warming up reduces the risks of injuries and heart attacks.
  4. Choose the Right Shovel: Use a snow shovel that fits your body and level of strength. Do make sure that the shovel handle should have the right length compared to your height. Using a short length shovel will make an individual to tire up fast, since one has to lean forward. This also increases the risk of a spinal injury. Therefore, choose a lightweight snow shovel that's comfortable to use.
  5. Use Proper Shoveling Form: Snow shoveling requires a body technique that won't cause strain on muscles. The adequate way to lift a snow filled shovel, is to keep the back straight while bending and squatting down with distanced legs.

These were the few safety tips that needs to be followed in order to remove snow from a yard. The Lawnfather is a reputed lawn maintenance company that offers wide range of lawn installation, maintenance and snow removal services in Calgary at reasonable costs.

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