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Sapphire distinguish common sense judgment

Author: Robin Lee
by Robin Lee
Posted: Jan 19, 2014

Sapphire and Tiffany and Co Bracelet Jewelry Outlet ruby ​​same precious, if color, clarity, cut is good, the price is high, a small one, often thousands of dollars. Fake Sapphire but the market, it is necessary to carefully and spend very little money and buy a high quality Sapphire, which was more deception.

Sapphire attributed to the field of jewelry. Right now, jewelry is preserved throughout. But business is preserved in the process, the most important thing to learn to distinguish between the determinations of common sense.

Acting as a Sapphire in the market, the most common being glass. In fact, the determination of the glass is still simpler. Glass is a high temperature and under die out, natural shorten after cooling, the plane sag inward. This sag appearance to the naked eye difficult to find, with a magnifying glass is necessary, when the use of a magnifying glass, not linear aggregation, probably oblique gathered, it was easy to find the concave, sag, usually Cheap Oakleys Holbrook Sunglasses Outlet Store glass. The gem polishing, generally reach very flat effect. The other way is a decision, glass inclusions complicated varieties, the most common is that the bubbles, but no air bubbles gems. Bubbles inside the glass, with 10 times magnifier survey can be found.

Also act as a sapphire, is composed of artificial sapphire, identification approach is to look at the texture, the texture of the natural layout can crystallization is often messy natural crystalline disorder, it is generally true product. Which consists of sapphire crystallization often very orderly? Of course, many consisting of sapphire spotless inside, which is generally, fake. Because of the natural gem is always some impurities, clean and flawless little. Sapphire this composition, often garish color, glorious very shallow, no deep sense of natural color. The high color purity natural Tiffany heart necklace jewelry outlet stones, not garish, glorious natural shot from the inside out.

Of course, this is just some fundamental differential approach. To deepen learning distinction, just watch, internships can grasp these tricks.

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