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Flexible LED screens: Broadening the Prospects of Branding

Author: Robert Bint
by Robert Bint
Posted: Feb 07, 2020

The high level of competitiveness in the market demands retailers to come up with the best advertising solutions. A solution that can compel buyers to curiously make queries, a solution that can make their heads turn. Well, in this technologically revolutionized world, there are numerous marketing solutions and flexible LED screens are the most effective and attractive solution amongst them.

As the LED technology advanced and matured, so did the engineering fixtures to make innovative screen structures. Emergence of huge round, outdoor convex LED screen with an excellent view from all the sides became possible after several attempts by many companies. These screens were not hard to make from the engineering point of view, but it was a huge challenge for software developers to find ways to adjust the image and maintain proportions.

Today, commercial places are very happy with the outcome as they got a new way to attract the attention of prospective customers.

Up to now, rectangular LED displays were in the lead all around the world. But today, 360° convex and Flexible LED Screens are becoming the attractive choice to advertisers, since they expand the viewing angle, entice attention by their exceptional shapes, and better merge with architectural background.

Using Flexible LED solutions has proved to be an extremely impactful tool for indoor and outdoor marketing particularly in regards to mediascape spectators.

Some of the commendable features of Flexible LED Screens are:

  • High transparency
  • Stable, high-quality display performance
  • Allows numerous kinds of installation, such as bend, winding, fold, swing, etc.
  • Can be installed at irregular surface too
  • Fast and easy set-up
  • Strong resistance against water, high temperature and sunlight, so suitable for outdoors too
  • Modular small-unit and flexible design
  • Makes possibility of more complicated shapes of video show
  • Apt to assemble and disassemble, maintain and replace
  • No heavy metal frame design makes it lightweight
  • Excellent performance
  • Widely employed in shaped stage background, building frontage, performance events decoration, hotels, shopping mall, etc.

Flexible LED screens provide you the opportunity to put your imagination to work. They are hi-definition LED screens that projects vibrant images because of its outstanding contrast and brightness levels. These panels are made up of bendable yet tough silicone rubber to mold around any shape. The panels are lightweight and thin, so need not be supported by heavy structure. They are perfect for concerts, commercial buildings, stage performances, lobbies, and so forth.

A different way of making flexible LED screens is by using LED mesh. Mesh is a soft full color LED displays system. It’s a flexible installation, highly transparent, lightweight, which are adaptable to different kinds of installation procedures such as folding, winding, bending, swinging, etc. Unlike other LED screen models, LED mesh has the advantage that you can hang it on an overhead pipe just like hanging a heavy curtain. High creativity and artistry makes it possible to assemble into various shapes. They are extensively used for large entrance hall, temporary advertising signs, expos, music bands, stage back drop, karaoke clubs, night clubs, and many more.

Imagine the infinite messaging, advertising and branding opportunities unlocked by the ability to wrap static columns, waved or curved wall in convention centers, shopping malls, stadiums, and more, with unified, excellent imagery never experienced before. This is how Flexible LED Screens broadens the prospects of branding!
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Author: Robert Bint

Robert Bint

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