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Choose the Best, Most Versatile Sink for Your Home

Author: Krista Moy
by Krista Moy
Posted: Nov 10, 2016
undermount sinks

Encourage your customers to put some thought into the sinks that they would like to have installed throughout their home. The best sinks are high quality undermount sinks that come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Most of the time when planning a kitchen or remodeling it, customers focus all of their attention on things like countertop materials, backsplash, appliances, flooring, and lighting, skipping one of the most important parts of the kitchen: the sink. It’s important for you to point out just how important this one item is to the integrity of your entire kitchen, not only because it’s a part that will be used on a daily basis, but also because the look of the sink itself can add or subtract something from the entire room. Now, obviously the best sinks are mounted from underneath the counter, but what may not be so obvious to the average joe is that there are distinguishable features that clearly show which are the best undermount sinks.

The best undermount sinks blend seamlessly into the countertop, leaving nowhere for food, germs, and bacteria to lie. They look as if they fit so well with the countertop that they are one unit instead of two separate entities.

The best sinks are made of quality materials and are built to withstand the banging around of pots and pans, sharp knives, and other kitchen essentials as you probably know these are a part of everyday life. Not only are these sinks practical for daily dish washing, washing hands, preparing food, and more, but they also look amazing. Pair a stunning undermount stainless steel sink with a solid countertop and stainless steel appliances, and you will really see your kitchen come to life.

Kitchens aren’t the only place one can benefit from the installation of a high quality undermount sink. These sinks are perfect in bathrooms, laundry rooms, utility rooms, and more. Whenever your customers will need access to a sink, you should encourage them to choose an undermount sink of only the best quality.

Undermount sinks can be purchased as a single or double basin in various shapes and sizes to meet your customers’ specific needs. As no two homes or needs are ever exactly the same, help them choose a sink that’s versatile for them and their entire family. Have your customers picture their little ones after a day of playing outside. They walk into the house and are covered in dirt from head to toe. Wouldn’t you prefer that they wash away that dirt and grim in a big undermount stainless sink than in a sink that overlaps the counter, trapping bacteria and germs between the sink and countertop? The answer is simple, and when you bring the picture to life for your customers, they will quickly see the many benefits of these sinks in every feasible room of their home.

As a contractor, you probably see it all of the time. Your customer wants high end granite or marble countertops, stainless steel appliances, recessed lighting, and hardwood floors, and while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting the best of all of these things, it’s important for you to point out how essential it is for them to also choose the best undermount sinks throughout their home.

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